AfterDeath family!

Well... A bit of it. Along with a headcanon! Here we go;

When Death gets a day off and he and Geno hang out with their kids (no matter which kids), he'll constantly flirt with Geno even though they're engaged on my headcanon, just for the sake of it. I mean... Can you blame him for wanting to tease~?

Either way, there's just no chance the children will NOT be embarrassed by their parents, specially in public. A few less than others.

I wanted to include so much more kiddos but this family is just soooo big TwT"

this take a lot of time to do 0w0′’

in the left of the last to the mid: geam (geno x dream) - ino (geno x ink) - fumy (afterdeath/geno x reaper x nightberry/nightmare x blueberry oh god) - nexy (nightmare x reaper) by me ( @foxyk7 )

in the mid: gýro (afterdeath/geno x reaper) by @kuro909

in the right of the last to the mid: mort (reaper x dust) - domen (afterdeath/geno x reaper) - cendres (geno x outer) - friy (geno x fresh) by me again :v

i used gýro to define the height of all :v