✸ blooming ✸

one of my plans this year is to redo some of of my old art that both my past and present audience will (hopefully) enjoy! 🌞💖 to kick things off, a remake of what i considered a warm-up doodle back in 2016.

Hinata! Bc I projected on her as a kid 🥺💕 My hc is that her crush on Naruto is mainly one of admiration and a dash of gender envy (bc that's A Mood) And she adopts "Believe it!" (as does everyone) and becomes the nonbinary baby she was born to be!! 😭👏💖

(Also pls don't come at me I only watched the show to the Chunin Exams and absorbed everything else through internet osmosis and also through watching the openings/endings for cool animation and music > w >;;;)