Update // Sick Tunes

Hello everyone! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted an update about your favorite music blog, Sick Tunes! 

First, I wanted to say we’ve reached 800 followers which is AMAZING! Thank you to all of you that have been supporting Sick Tunes and Sick Tunes’ content!

Second, I plan on making some changes to Sick Tunes per your requests. I’ve received a couple of messages/asks about creating playlists each week surrounding a fan-submitted ask. I would love to try this on Sick Tunes! I’m not completely sure how this will appear yet, but please send asks/submissions on ideas for playlists. My inbox is open! This is just another way to feature you guys as well as fit Sick Tunes’ content to what y’all are wanting!

Lastly, I wanted to share a brief life update relating to Sick Tunes. Sick Tunes’ queue is quite depleted right now. With finishing finals, working a crazy amount, the pandemic, and the holiday season, I haven’t had much time to schedule more content. Sick Tunes is a solo project which means I, C, do all of the researching, queuing, posting, tagging, and updating of this blog. Additionally, Sick Tunes has never posted the same song twice, which also adds to the difficulty. Right now, it’s kind of a lot to manage among everything else going on. Don’t worry, though! Sick Tunes isn’t going anywhere! This just means Sick Tunes may go back to one post a day again. It isn’t ideal, I know, but it’s what I can handle. If y’all have any other ideas on things you’d like to see on this page like musician images, album art, etc., let me know! You can also send anything you’d like to see changed!

As always, happy listening everyone! Don’t forget to send in your asks/submissions! - C

This morning in my journal I wrote, 'I have done X thing for three to four weeks now. I wonder how long I can continue this streak.' Then today evening I fell and sprained my ankle. The pain is unbearable. I can't do X for a week at least. Who is it? The universe, evil eye, my subconscious brain? Who is laughing right now and likes to see me lose my spirit. It sounds like a small thing but when you're trying so hard to work towards something, something that goes against your inherent nature but you know you need to do it for yourself, and then one bad thing after the other keeps happening...I used to low-key brag about how the things I wanted came easy to me. Academic achievements, people's respect and affection and my own understanding towards myself. I really shouldn't have. This season of my life wants to prove me wrong. But I'll remember, it's just a season. It only stays around for a few months. And unlike nature, it doesn't repeat annually. Not every year. Not ever. So I'll wait it out. I've been so patient anyway. Just a while more. I'll sip on my water and eat the baked goods my lovely friends make me and catch up with conversations with my father. I'm waiting.