She wished and wished that he had not come. She had thought all that turmoil behind her. She had achieved a hard-won measure of tranquility in the past three months. She did not want it all destroyed. She did not want another three days with him. And the inevitable parting again. She did not believe she could hold on to her sanity if she had to go through all that again. If! She was already going through it.

Mary Balogh, from A Certain Magic

The hardest thing about losing you is that it didn't just happen once. I lose you every single day that we don't speak. When I wake up in the morning and reach for my phone to see a message that isn't there, and when I go to sleep at night after I realise that the only person I want to moan to about how crap my day was, isn't there. And I lose you in all of the moments in between, in all the hours of silence that go by where I do nothing but think of you, go to call you, and then I don't. I lose you when I watch certain films, listen to certain songs, and go to certain places that are tainted with certain parts of you and how you make me feel. And I used to think could only miss you when I was alone, but that's not true. I miss you when I'm around everyone else, too. Because they're not you. It's only when I'm asleep that I get a break from it. From thinking and wanting and missing. But, then I wake up the following day, roll over, check my phone, see that you didn't call and I just know I'm going to feel it all over again.

A.Y. [losing you]