J'ai tant rêvé de toi, tant marché, parlé, couché avec ton fantôme qu'il ne me reste plus peut-être, et pourtant, qu'à être fantôme parmi les fantômes et plus ombre cent fois que l'ombre qui se promène et se promènera allégrement sur le cadran solaire de ta vie.

Robert Desnons, “J’ai tant rêvé de toi”

If we do not sleep, it is to watch for dawn, Which will prove that at last we are living in the present.

Robert Desnos, “Tomorrow”

Anonymous asked:

I was recently diagnosed with PTSD- specifically complex PTSD (DESNOS). Like regular PTSD I get flashbacks and severe panic attacks when given the right trigger. The bad part is there's no discernible event that caused me to have PTSD, but several events that pile ontop of eachother and continue to do so even today. I haven't found any support groups or anyone that really knows all that much about it, so I was hoping you could post this because I was wondering if anyone else following you had it

Dear followers, if anyone else experiences this then please send in a message or reply to this post. Thank you! xx