Depression Quest

If you have depression and have loved ones that don’t quite grasp what all that entails, try to get them to “play” Depression Quest. It’s labeled as a game but it isn’t. It is an interactive story that puts the reader in the shoes of someone with depression. It shows how trapped and exhausted and frustrated depression can make you feel. Not all depression is the same so the story isn’t a completely true representation of everyone but it is a good start for explaining what it feels like to those who don’t understand. 

Dear Zoe Quinn Supporters

I've been considering writing this up for a couple days now.  I figured I'd do it.  I've been noticing a disturbing trend among those who defend Zoe, both here and on Twitter.  You need to keep a couple things in mind.

Her being harassed does not negate what she did.  It doesn't matter if she is being doxxed or attacked or harassed in the context of what she did.  If somebody steals something, but gets harassed afterward, it doesn't change the fact that they still need to answer for their theft.  It is entirely okay to condemn any harassment she gets, but at the same time DO NOT ignore, justify or excuse her behavior.  And before you are so quick to take her word on things, remember that she has now been caught twice for fabricating harassment against herself.

Shaming cheaters is not slut shaming.  Slut shaming is the act of shaming somebody for the number of people she slept with.  If she were single, yes, attacking her for sleeping with 5 (Supposedly 7 now) men would be slut shaming.  But the context of this matter isn't that she fucked multiple guys, it is that she fucked multiple guys behind the back of her boyfriend.  People are shaming her for the blatant disregard for both her and others relationships, not the fact that she had sex.  And keep in mind, by her own definition (in that cheating is comparable to rape because the cheated on partner is deprived of consent) she is a rapist.  In fact, she'd be a serial rapist.

Sex is private until it is used for professional gain.  The use of sex in the work place, for work purposes or for public gain of any sort, negates the 'privacy' of that person's sex life.  Bill Clinton's sex life was dragged out into public eye because he had sex with his secretary and then lied about it.  A journalist for Indiestatic sent an inappropriate comment to a female game dev and his private comments and sex life were no longer private because of them.  Zoe Quinn is no different.  She was unprofessional and that unprofessional behavior came down to her having sex with people in the industry.  She lost all right to privacy in her sex life when that happened.  Any attempt to lock off her sexual exploits within the industry is trying to intentionally hamstring the discussion at hand.

Don't shame the victim and whistle blower.  If you immediately think that because Zoe gets, allegedly, harassed that she is the victim in all this, you are wrong.  It is astounding that people say everyone is victim blaming her, without considering one solid fact.  Are her boyfriend and the wives/girlfriends of the people she cheated with victims?  To inherently claim that Zoe is a victim without even considering this is to show you don't even consider that she did anything wrong.  The boyfriend was a whistle blower, he exposed long running corruption in the industry and gaming media, and yes, it involved his ex.  This is how corruption like this gets exposed.  People get hurt and then turn on those they were protecting.  Do no blame him for blowing the lid off this story.

Zoe Quinn has done other things other than sleep around in the industry.  If you need to look up her exploits with the Fine Young Capitalist charity event.  Look up Wizard Chan.  Look up her using Robin William's death as a marketing ploy.

Her game is not on trial here.  Do not bring up her game.  Do not act like people are attacking the game and it somehow destroys the game's credibility.  This is about her actions, not her game.  Stop it.

Treat her like a game dev, not a woman.  Remember the Indiestatic guy I mentioned before?  He resigned.  And wrote an apology.  And did that all publicly.  People claim that comments that Zoe Quinn hurt all women in the industry are wrong and misogynistic.  Then you have to consider that people also paint men's actions, like that of Assassin's Creed Unity, the Indiestatic debacle and similar, as being proof of game culture being misogynistic.  Or remember when JonTron used "Retarded" and got waves of harassment and hate for it?

Maybe you should consider that Zoe Quinn is being treated exactly how men in the culture and industry have been treated in the past.  And you don't like it simply because she's a woman.  That isn't equality.  That is coddling and condescending.  You are treating her like a child.

The Quinnspiracy and the Fall of the Fifth Estate

It's no secret that gaming journalism has gone downhill in the last five years ever since sites like Kotaku, Destructoid, and Rock, Paper, Shotgun have been including pieces about social justice that have nothing to do with gaming and calling gamers misogynistic rapists who sexualize women. However, recent actions of gaming journalists and people in the industry have caused most of the people in the community to take a stand. The past week has brought people from Tumblr to 4chan to even GameFAQs to come together and say "This is bullshit."

What am I talking about? Obviously the Zoe Quinn conspiracy. What is the Zoe Quinn conspiracy? Well let's start off with the backstory. Zoe Quinn is a moderately well known game dev whose game called Depression Quest is now on Steam. Now, the game was on Greenlight and despite a lot of people saying that it didn't belong on Steam but it got pushed anyway. 

The way this all got started was just two weeks, Quinn's ex-boyfriend Eron created a wordpress blog called thezoepost. (All sources of information will be at the end.) This blog post describes in chronological order Quinn's infidelity and manipulation throughout their relationship. Long story short, this post made this situation explode and so, as it is properly named, begins the Saga of the Five Guys (Burgers and Fries). 

The blog post explicitly named three of these five men and censors the other two, yet somehow people have found out who they were but that has now been debunked as of the posting of this rant/essay. The three named people are Joshua Boggs, Robin Arnott, and Nathan Grayson. Boggs is actually her boss and is married by the way as stated in thezoepost. 

Before we continue, I would just like to point out that I am not attacking Zoe Quinn because she is a woman, I am not attacking her because she cheated on Eron. I don't care that she fucked five guys. I don't care that she cheated on her boyfriend. I don't care if she fucked ten guys. What this is about is the sheer corruption in gaming journalism.

The name I'm going to be focusing on and it seems to be the name most talked about in thezoepost is Nathan Grayson. Who the fuck is Nathan Grayson? Excellent question. Nathan Grayson is a gaming journalist that writes for Kotaku. You know, that website that always puts social justice shit out and defends Anita Sarkeesian? That one. Already you can see where this is going. 

What astounds me the most about this is how much effort these sites are going through to cover this up, to ignore it, to suppress information about this. Now, why would they be wanting to do that? Why would they suppress information like that? Why would they delete whole threads on Reddit about this subject? The answer is simple; corruption. 

If you watch the Internet Aristocrat's series of videos on this subject, he goes into great detail about how the relationship between Zoe Quinn and Nathan Grayson could be problematic and threaten the audiences trust of gaming journalism.

These journalist sites like Kotaku and Destructoid tried to sweep it under the rug and it didn't work. They tried to suppress information and it exploded. So now, what are they to do? What could they possibly do to try and keep everyone's eyes from the truth, the real corruption in this whole shitstorm? Well insult their audience. That's the obvious choice, isn't it? Right?

At this point, we have journalists insulting gamers, a hashtag called #GamerGate, and much more evidence that point to corruption in gaming journalism. 

If you want more information about this issue, you can watch the Internet Aristocrat's videos as listed:

There are other videos as well that are in the description box of part one. My point is, please stay informed on this issue, do not take this lightly and call these people out and let them know that we as gamers have had enough.

I cannot express enough how 1 hour gameplay of depression quest made me feel everything! The game truly touched me and made me think about my own life choices and behaviour in the past. Situations in it felt relatable and unexpectedly touching me in personal level. It's a good game!

Things Greedy, Selfish, and Untalented People Do

Fake a doxx to gain victim points Actually doxxing a real person for disagreeing with them. Take professional consented naked photos and have then leaked as a scandal. Have sex with multiple people to get positive reviews on your shitty game. Use feminism as a shield when confronted. Finding out you can use feminism to fuck over anyone in your way and dragging feminism to the ground because of it. Piss off women by being downright disrespectful to them. What do these all have in common? Zoe Quinn.

I wonder what Zoe Quinn has to say

To the female gamers who are disgusted by her actions, who now realize she's made it harder for them to be taken seriously.  I wonder if she and her supporters will accuse these women of being against women's sexuality when, presumably, most of these women detractors have had sex or, at the least, diddled themselves in private time.

I wonder if they will continue their cries of sexism and misogyny when female gamers find her actions deplorable.

Or will they simply hope that we don't speak up  Because to them Zoe Quinn is a representative of all women.  Women who don't defend her or share her views don't exist.