here’s some more playlists you didn’t ask for but are filled with music you need in your life

traveling hipster: indie essentials for any road trip

sad words soft music: i may be sad, but do you see my outfit 

vibes: a 90′s anime soundtrack 

roadie: late night drives and pop music

she really did that: bad ass songs by bad ass women

in this house, we respect bops: it was 3 am, i was sleep deprived and i was feeling nostalgic

pt. I of this post

pt. III of this post

(‘The woods’ by daughter)(reference)

A song of ‘daughter’ says “I asked saint Christopher, to find your sister, she ran out in the woods”. I wake up when the moon has left the sky at home and I realise it stands bare, supportless, like a child without a mother in a crowd, like a lover kissing his hand in a museum without another lover to hold his hand. I realise my sister has left for another home and this time, she’s not coming back again, and I see no grief trapped inside my ribs this time. I’m not supposed to feel guilty, says my psychiatrist. I roam in the house lousily after spending half the day in bed and I sense an absence of a spirit, something so discreet and heavy at the same time. (Fields of asphodel are waiting for my homely spirit, maybe I’ll meet my sisters there).
Till we reach the border and make our plan to run.
& remember, loneliness is still time spent with the world.

[someday I’ll love ocean vuong, ocean vuong//‘run’ by daughter(song)]