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I don't believe in a God would make a covenant with only some people, and I think it's wrong to believe such a thing about God.

You do know that that’s not the idea behind the Jewish covenant within Judaism? 

The idea isn’t that only Jewish people have a covenant with God. Different nations (groups of people, not nation-states) have different covenants with God; none are better or worse than others, they’re just different. One nation is not thought of as better or worse than the others, just different. Think about it this way: a parent should not love one child more than their other children, but loving them differently according to their uniqueness and needs shows that the parent does love them equally. (This is based on something I read by Rabbi Irwin Kula, but I can’t recall his exact words or where.)

Not to mention that within Judaism all people, Jewish and gentile, are part of the Noahide covenant with God. Jews have more obligations, but we don’t get any extra reward for fulfilling those obligations aside from having a place in the world the come. All other nations are mentioned throughout the Tanach and exegetical texts as being capable of being righteous, being made in the image of God, and having a place in the world to come (without fulfilling the extra obligations with which Jews are tasked).

But that’s cool that you want to think that your hatred of Jews is due to a theological disagreement with your willful misunderstanding of Judaism. Keep on keeping on! ◔_◔

In his visit with West, the rapper T.I. was stunned to find that West, despite his endorsement of Trump, had never heard of the travel ban. “He don’t know the things that we know because he’s removed himself from society to a point where it don’t reach him,” T.I. said. West calls his struggle the right to be a “free thinker,” and he is, indeed, championing a kind of freedom—a white freedom, freedom without consequence, freedom without criticism, freedom to be proud and ignorant; freedom to profit off a people in one moment and abandon them in the next; a Stand Your Ground freedom, freedom without responsibility, without hard memory; a Monticello without slavery, a Confederate freedom, the freedom of John C. Calhoun, not the freedom of Harriet Tubman, which calls you to risk your own; not the freedom of Nat Turner, which calls you to give even more, but a conqueror’s freedom, freedom of the strong built on antipathy or indifference to the weak, the freedom of rape buttons, pussy grabbers, and fuck you anyway, bitch; freedom of oil and invisible wars, the freedom of suburbs drawn with red lines, the white freedom of Calabasas. West's thoughts are not original ... These are not stray thoughts. They are the propaganda that justifies voter suppression, and feeds police brutality, and minimizes the murder of Heather Heyer. And Kanye West is now a mouthpiece for it.
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Tuafw it's Your Fault people rarely come to visit because it stresses you out so much, but you wouldn't be so stressed out if you knew they were coming, the problem is that these visits are sprung on you and you need time to mentally-prepare. But apparently it's 'unreasonable' to ask for a little heads up. Why should they have to ask for your 'permission'? That's too controlling. You need to think more about other people.

Squirrel 2018 02 Panorama -- Scenes from my hammock, Indian Land, South Carolina, May 31, 2018 The unconscious foundation of life, and of our life, has been dismissed, rejected, discarded and denied in favor of our conscious zeal in the service of ends of our own design. Greed wins the day, everyday, and carries us away in rabid devotion to our own wants, wishes, desires, ambitions and aspirations. We are not built for the life we live, but. We don't care. We care about the things we care about, and will do whatever it takes to have them no matter what. We are Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, choosing between lives, one conscious, the other unconscious, deciding which we will serve. Each generation makes the same choice through the long eons of time. The unconscious foundation of life, and of our life, is ignored in favor of what we think is most important: Having our way and forcing it upon the earth. We don't know what we are doing. And don't know that we don't know. And, here we are. Still.