this one’s for all my fellow migraineurs

[ID: a 4-panel digitally drawn comic. /Panel 1: a bipedal raccoon lies on a couch with her paws covering her eyes and stars over her head, indicating pain. She says “ughhh,” and an off-panel person asks “What’s wrong?” She responds: “Migraine...” /Panel 2: The off-panel person says “MY graine???” /Panel 3: The scene shifts to show a door in the room, through which the person continues speaking: “No, comrade...” /Panel 4: The person kicks the door open, revealing that they also have their paws on their eyes and stars coming from their head. They say: “OUR graine!” /End ID]

i need everyone to understand people who experience chronic pain often will save energy by not making any expressions or moving at all when we are in pain - to others it may look like we arent feeling anything or even that we are ignoring you, but really we are in agony. sometimes i feel like i cannot even turn my head, or speak, or think. sometimes i can handle scrolling mindlessly through social media, other times all i can do is stare into space and breathe. i dont scream, or cry, or scrunch my face up.

im in pain every second of every day. severe pain. sometimes it is worse than other times. a lot of the time i am even smiling, or laughing, or maybe doing some light activity with my hands. im still in pain.

there is no way to visibly tell if someone is in pain, or how bad their pain is. it doesnt mean its not real. you want to know how you can tell how bad our pain is?

ask us. and listen.

my chronic pain has been so good lately that when I took tramadol again recently I actually felt high on it? which is crazy because I was addicted to it for so long and felt no effect from it but since I’ve hardly taken it for months it makes me feel high again

good morning to people with breathing issues, people with chronic pain, people with bad posture because of a disability or deformity, people who use mobility aids, people who use heating pads all the time, people who can’t do the activities they want to because of their pain, people who can’t dress how they want to because of their pain, trans and nonbinary people with physical disabilities, neurodivergent trans and nonbinary people, plus size disabled people, disabled people who are afraid to talk about their pain, disabled people whose pain is diminished by others who don’t experience it, and people with pain that fluctuates wildly from day to day. rest of y’all, good morning i guess

Reminder to people with chronic illness:

When you need to explain you have an illness, but you don't want to name it because then people will ASSUME things and Have Opinions and we all hate that, just describe your condition using science words.

Oh you have narcolepsy? Not anymore! You have a neurological disorder that disrupts your REM cycle leaving you constantly sleep deprived.

ADHD? A neurological disorder meaning you have consistently low or inconsistent dopamine levels. It can make focusing difficult.

Urticaria? Auto immune disorder that makes your body produce too much histamine.

You don't owe people explanations but sometimes it helps to give them one.