Crush Survey ♥

About the crush: 

What’s their name?

When’s their birthday? 

Do they play any sports/ participate in clubs? 

What’s their usual style? 

Are they in a relationship? 

Describe his personality: 

How tall are they? 

Do you know what type of musicians they like? 

What’s their favorite food? 

Do they curse a lot? 


How often do they talk to you? 

Who initiates the conversation? 

Did he/she ever try to touch you? 

Are they somewhat nervous or awkward sometimes when you talk to them? 

The two of you pass each other in the hallway; what does your crush do? 

Are you in the same group of friends? 

List the things they’ve complimented about you: 

Do they maintain eye contact? Who breaks it first? 

Have they ever asked you to a party, prom, etc.? 

Are they nice to your friends? 

Do you have their number? If so, how often do you text each other? 

Does your crush stare at you a lot?

First meet: 

When did you first see him? 

When and how did you two first know each other personally? 

What’s your first impression of them? 

When did you start liking them? 


Have you seen them shirtless before? 

Did you ever catch them staring at one of your body parts? 

Have you hugged them? 

Laid in bed with them or sat very close to each other? 

Does he/she look at your lips? 

Does he play with your hair? 

Would you sleep with them if the mood strikes? 

Scenarios: (just for fun)

Your crush offered to walk you home one night. The two of you stand in front of your house and you see that he’s leaning over. Do you kiss him or hug him? 

You see your crush talking with the opposite sex, and they look very close. Do you feel discouraged or will it not affect your feelings for them? 

You’re at prom and see your crush looking at you constantly. Do you ask them out to a fun dance or wait for them to make a move? 

About you and your crush: 

What’s keeping you from being with your crush? 

Do you think the two of you will keep contact in the future?

Perhaps you and your crush go your separate ways without having the chance to confess your feelings after high school. Five years later you see each other again. If the two of you are single, would you go for him?


Copy and paste, then fill in your answers! Have fun!


Of course I must ask what your crush's name is:   


And their age?  


  What attracts you to them? 

Basically, everything about him.

   Do they know you're interested? If not, why haven't you confessed?   

Umm, maybe, I dunno. I try not to be obvious xD

Are they more shy or outgoing?   


Y'all have the same group of friends? 


   Does your crush smell nice?   

Oh god, yes.

What's their eye color?   

Kind of a light brown

Does your crush have a nice smile?


    Does your crush always stare at you, or are you invisible to them?  

He looks at me pretty often, actually.

  Does your crush have any piercings? If so, what?  


  Are they kind to you?   

Mhm :)

Are you close with their family?   

Not really

Do you guys pretend not to like one another? 


   Are y'all considered friends or acquaintances?  

Friends c:

  Is your crush hefty or slim & trim?   

Slim & trim, definitely.

Does your crush dress very stylish?   

Umm, sure?

When's the last time you laid eyes upon their beauty? 

omg lol. Saturday

   Do they curse a lot?   

It...depends on where he is. If he's only with friends, YES.

What's their hair color?   

Light brown

Do you have their cellular phone digits?   


Is your crush talkative or more of a listener? 

Kind of both, because he complains that I never say anything P:

   Do they stare in your eyes when y'all converse?   


Could you see yourself falling in love with this crush? 

Uh, yes.

   Can they speak more than one language?   


Does your crush stare at your lips/ mouth when you talk? 

I don't think so

   Does your crush have big feet, like over size 11?  

I dunno

  Do they have an accent?   

Nope lol

When did y'all meet?   

At a paintball thing we had at my house

Are they currently in a relationship with another?  


  What's their ethnicity?   


How many siblings do they have?  

2, I believe

  Do they live close to you?   

Haha, nope.

Have you ever been to their house? How about their bedroom?

Nope, nope.

    Do you even vaguely believe your crush is interested in you?   

If given the chance, would you have sex with them?

PFFFT not until I'm older, lol.

   Would you watch porn with your crush?  

NO! xD

Have you ever hugged or kissed your crush?  


  Ever seen em naked? Do you wanna?  

I've seen him shirtless right after he took a shower *-* lol. Maybe~

  Would you take a bullet for your crush?  


  Would you buy a $100 gift for your crush?   

If I had the money, yes.

Would you donate a kidney to your crush if they desperately needed it?  


  Does your crush have long hair?   

Not really

Do you think you'll lose contact with your crush within 5 years? 

I really hope not.

Have you ever seen them unexpectedly and it got awkward? 


   Are you usually awkward around your crush?   

No lol

  Is your crush more naughty or good/innocent?   

Hmm. On the outside he looks good/ innocent, but he's really kind of mischievous xD

Is your crush gay/straight/bisexual/transgender?  


  Is your crush a freak? Sexually speaking... 

Uh, no? xD

   Is your crush a virgin?   


Do they have any pets? 

Yeah, I'm not sure what though xD

   Do they have a job? If so, where do they work? 

He mows lawns.

   Do you know if they have an STD or not?

Uh, I don't think so since he's a

    Do they have pretty eyes?   


What kind of music are they into?  

Umm, most of the stuff my brother and me listen to.

  Their fave color? If you don't know just guess 

Light blue, maybe? Not sure if it's his favorite or if he just really likes it

   What's their religion?   


Does your crush have a lisp?


    Y'all go to the same school? 


   Y'all friends on facebook?  


How long have you known em?   

Not really that long. Since sometime this summer

Their fave type of food? Guess if you don't know 

Bacon, beef jerky? lol i dunno. We had a discussion about bacon at Ren Fest

   Their fave animal? Guess if you don't know   

Elephant c:

Fave type of chips? Guess if you don't know  

Salsa Sun Chips? He told me I was missing out because I haven't had them before :P

  Fave movie?  

I dunno

Fave singer, band, artist? GIYDK 

Umm, I know he likes Aerosmith. Which is awesome :D 

When will you see your crush again? 

Last hour today

   What sport are they good at?   

RUnning/ Cross Country

Is your crush extremely confident? 

Yeah, but not overly-confident

   What's ultimately stopping you from making them yours?

I'm not so great with starting relationships. lol