“You’ve lost too many people, Cameron. You’ve forgotten what it’s like to bury someone you love.” Carly glared as she shoved herself away from the back of the chair. “You don’t ‘forget,” she said, fingering quotation marks in the air. “You don’t ‘get over it.’ You just find a way to stuff the pain in a pocket somewhere inside. But every once in a while something – some stupid, insignificant little thing – triggers it. The worse pain you have ever felt. And you have to start all over. Feel that same jerking agony that only comes when you realize, when you remember that you’ll never see his face again, that you’ll never be able to share that stupid thing that reminded you of him in the first place. The pain never goes away. It only dulls, waiting for another trigger.” She snatched the paper from my hands. “Emmy won’t get over you. No matter how hard you try or how much money you spend, you’re going to kill her.” She turned on her heels. “You’re a fucking idiot if you think otherwise.”

Second teaser from Scare Crow (Crow's Row #2)!! 

No importa que tan genial crean los chicos que son, cuando es sobre chicas es como si perdieran su mente, y empiezan a hacer y decir cosas realmente estupidas

Crow's Row

“Whoever said that love hurts was wrong. Love is excruciating, especially when you can feel it slipping through your fingers and there is nothing you can do about it. Like someone was playing tug-of-war with my limbs, ripping to shreds whatever was left behind. What it would feel like when love was lost...I wouldn't survive that”