Here's something I can do without: People ahead of me on the supermarket line who are paying for an inexpensive item by credit card or personal check. People! Take my word for this: Tic Tacs is not a major purchase. And, I get just as discouraged when a guy who's buying a simple jar of spaghetti sauce tries to pay with a letter of credit from the Bank of Liechtenstein. Folks, carry some fuckin' money around, will ya? It comes in handy! No one should be borrowing money from a bank at 18 percent interest to buy a loaf of bread.

George Carlin

Credit cards as a means to accumulate debt 💰

  • Using credit to pay for frequent or large purchases that you can’t afford
  • Making the minimum monthly payment
  • Accumulating interest on the debt

Credit cards as a method of payment  ✨💲

  • Making payments on time, in full, to build good credit 
  • Keeping credit card usage low
  • Taking advantage of points and cash back rewards 
  • Using credit as a safer method of payment when making online purchases (transactions can be easily reversed if the info is stolen)