Our Loving Creator Cares About Us




Our Creator deeply loves and cares for us. Like a loving father, he looks after his family. The Holy Scriptures describe God as a generous Provider who “knows what you need even before you ask him.”​—Matthew 6:8.

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hey i’m bored so have some screenshots of my builds on my smp

this is my house! the outside, first, and second floor. the two cats are named boo (left) and bean (right). i have a third cat named bana but she wasn’t in frame

my garden! i keep my skelly horses (there were more but they got lost around the island), my sheep (obtained after this pic was taken) my singular pig named karot, and my bees.

the turtle sanctuary! i think the inside looks really serene at night, especially when there’s babies :3. the tree in the middle was my attempt at a palm tree. it’d be better with jungle wood but unfortunately we haven’t found a jungle yet.

my banner shop, Bunny Banners. just a cute little market stand and an outdoor dining table for customers waiting for their banners. i actually captured a rabbit to be the mascot but it keeps getting stuck under the upside down stairs on the back of the build

and finally my fox enclosure! i built ths purely for fun. all of the foxes were bred in captivity and as a result are all tame and friendly.

so yea! those are all my main buids on my smp! hope you like em. and for anyone wondering, the texture pack is quadral, got it from the marketplace :3

I had a dream last night that I was on a balcony, leaning on the railing, but the balcony looked out over space and I was watching the creation of the Discworld. Not the writing of the books but the literal creation of the Discworld. Great A’Tuin and the elephants and the Disc were coming together right before my eyes. 

And then someone yelled something like “Come inside, it’ll look after itself for the first few million years” and I went inside to find Terry Pratchett in this enormous room that was like a library colonized a ballroom. It had no furniture, just wide overlapping Turkish-style rugs all over the floor. The walls were floor-to-ceiling bookcases but mostly it was a big open space where you could “create” a visual version of a story and it would appear in miniature on the rugs. 

And Pratchett was there, just calmly sitting on a rug and laying out the entire multi-book storyarc of Sam Vimes, which looked like little buildings popping up to symbolize events and light tracings moving between them to indicate some kind of relationship. I think he’d only got to the end of Men At Arms, maybe the start of Feet Of Clay, when I woke up, but what I did get to see was awesome