The Big Damn Kiss | Feb 12

Day 12 of the OC trope challenge from @ocfairygodmother​ and here we go again with some art. Please enjoy and be kind as always. Maul is wearing his casual beach wear (all black) This was actually the first art i did for this challenge. Mostly crayon, haha

Happy 30th Birthday @kickthepj !!!🥳🎉💚🎂🤡👾🌏🍄🍠 Haha I’m not gonna go too crazy with emojis; and I don’t even know if you will see this! I don’t use twitter anymore I think the last time I did it was for a Slurp about 3 years ago!? About baking in the video BAGGED JUICES which I guess you never did make a complete cheese pizza huh? 😂🧀🍕💙

I’ve been a Tiny Planet Explorer for almost 5 years now~ & I wanted to thank you for all the inspiration you’ve given me throughout these years! It’s been one crazy ride so far huh? 🚀

I’m so happy to have found you and to have made the art I show here in my high school Culinary class & Art classes. And all the memories with other youtubers and whatnot. I remember watching and catching up to your videos when they came out; after school in my town library almost everyday of my last year of high school.😊

I remember first time getting your merch I got the Lullaby Cube and the Tiny Planet Explorer Federation Pins. Then Fable Fights!!!🖤💚 As well as the Art Cards which I have hung above my nightstand to this day. As well as your rocket ship and Wiggles pins✨❤️!!! And last but not least the Sad Ghost Plush! 🥺👻😵

I know that was a lot and it’s not all I’d like to say since it’s a bit rushed, but without further ado here is my art. I hope you like it if you do get to see this~

Luv Ya Peej! Thank you for being a part of who I am today!🤗

Tiny Planet Explorer from the US~ 🌎😸