Tried a Hime White from Ise Kadoya Brewery! Very tasty. I remember spending the first few years of this blog lamenting the lack of craft beer in Japan, but now I’m finding new ones everywhere I turn. It’s great.

Standard restaurants still won’t have the selection you’d get in the US—you’ll see one beer from one or two of the big four (Asahi, Kirin, Sapporo, or Suntory (and it all tastes mostly the same)), but it’s been exciting to see so much new stuff on offer in stores.

The chocolate shop windows are cracked and a gust of wind blows out without carrying any smell, because the smell was the first thing to go - and the ghosts cannot smell anything anyway. Old vines and fairy lights climb on the forgotten walls, giving them the shine of bygone days, those days when careless people were strolling joyfully on what was once a well known shopping street... The ghosts loved those times. They loved those times as they loved chatting and window shopping and visiting, as they loved holding hands in awe at a colorful electric rainbow, at a charming game of light and shadow, at distant fen fires inviting to a peaceful midnight stroll.

So they recreated the lights and the feelings and the world they once lived. They missed a few things though, and it's not only the burnt chocolate crunch of a Kremlin imperial stout imprinted on a dusty glass. If they had their hearing as well, they might have noticed the uncanny silence but the ghosts can only see, they can only remember and they can only play make believe.

The street is inviting like it once was, the windows are shining in glamour once again, everything is like before... except it isn't. People have left this world and only ghosts live there, walking memories in their imaginary worlds of shine and happiness on the streets of old Ascona.

Sharing some 2017 Prairie Artisan Ales stouts! Pirate Noir and Vanilla Noir, Greetings From Holly Beach from Parish Brewing, Shoeless Double IPA and Wendy Peffercorn Golden Stout from Rally Cap Brewing, Pity Whop Imperial Stout from Southern Grist Brewing, Freischultz Pislnes from Falling Knife, Non Stop Dry Hopped Double IPA from Untitled Art, Dem Bones Pilsner from Pontoon Brewing and Strawberry Shortcake Snowball Juice from Urban South Brewing!!