Planning A Successful Coupon Trip!

Do you want to use all those coupons, but don't know where to start? Do you want to come home with this much food for a fraction of the retail price? Well then keep reading, this post is for you!

It takes time, but after careful planning, coupon clipping, and watching the sales closely, I was able to score BIG on my last shopping trip! 

With the help of a generous gift card donation, and coupon planning I was able to get all of this seen above for under $30!!! 

Here is the breakdown:

Original total before gift card and coupons: $203.56

After gift card: $103.56

Total Coupon and Sales savings: $73.56

The gift card was a huge help, but even without it, my coupons and the weekly sales alone saved me a TON of money! 

To plan for a big trip like this I go through the weekly sales at my favorite stores, this trip was done at both Kroger and Giant Eagle, my two FAVORITES! After I review the Ads, I look through my coupon binder to see which coupons match up with the Ads, and what great deals I can score that week!

Then I type it up, or write it out so that when I am in the store I don't miss or forget anything! I also pull the coupons out of my binder that I will be using, and put them in an envelop or a bag, that way I can keep my binder in the car instead of dragging it into the store.

I always take my binder with me, and at least keep it in the car, you never know what deal you might come across!

On my list, I also add up an estimated amount, that way I have an idea of how much I should be paying at the register. It helps catch mistakes made by the cashiers, because trust me, they WILL make them.

On this trip I came in UNDER budget by $2, which is always exciting! :)

My favorite part, is coming home, unloading it all, and having a full pantry and knowing that it didnt cost me much at all!

My biggest advice, be organized before you go shopping. Go in with a plan, dont go into the store all willy nilly with your coupons, things can get!

Have fun fellow couponers! :)