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no wait can we talk about cooking and. like. vegetable gardens and growing stuff in the little-country-house AU because thinking about cooking dinner together or growing little tomatoes is the pathway to joy

oh my gosh, yess!

It takes them a while to get their garden started, between moving and Feuilly starting her new job - but Bahorel, in a slower moment, decides to try out some things - he has time, and he remembers that kind of stuff from growing up in the country - looks simple enough, right? Flowers, herbs, that kind of stuff.

Feuilly doesn’t notice right away, but when she does she’s delighted. And promises to help him, as soon as she’s done grading these tests, she promises.

(One morning, Bahorel wakes up in their bed, and Feuilly’s side is empty. Not too worrying, as she’s pretty much always up before him. But she’s not in the kitchen either, and when Bahorel looks in the window, he sees her, wearing sweats and an old college tshirt and the largest straw hat they own, making a little corner for tomatos.

Later, lettuce joins the tomatoes. Then potatoes. Carrots. Cabbage... it ends up pretty huge after a few years of this.)

Jehan comes over more often than all of the others combined, to be honest - at this point, it’s pretty much his second home. One day he and Feuilly go for a walk, notice wild strawberries - they run back to the house, laughing like children and not like 30 year old adults, to get plastic containers to carry them. They end up finding enough for Bahorel to make pies with them.

Feuilly can’t really cook all that well, though she’s trying, but she’s getting pretty good at preserves - jams and fruit ketchup and marmelade and such. Bahorel does most of the fresh cooking, as well as some of the best muffins ever. He’s been trying to get Combeferre to give him his trick for croissants, but he hasn’t so far - Combeferre’s worried that if he gives Bahorel and Feuilly that power, he’ll never see Enjolras ever again because he’ll move in with them.

There’s a huge farmer’s market a few villages over, and though Feuilly and Bahorel don’t have a stand - their little garden isn’t quite big enough to sell their stuff, besides, they give most of it away anyway - but they always help out with the promotion and organisation!