Me, a history nerd: *watching youtube videos about lost media*

Narrator: The majority of silent movies are completely lost. Since most of them had it’s copies destroyed by censors, burned down in fires, or were not well preserved by it’s own creators in the first place, we are now unable to find, recognize and/or analyse how these movies paved the way for modern cinema and created many of the tropes we see in media today.


So awhile back I got this subscription box for camping items and I was so upsetty when they’d show up when I was first broken up with and like BUT I HAVE NO ONE TO HIKE/CAMP WITH BOOHOO

But now I’m like hells yeah my latest box gave me a SOLAR POWERED POWER BANK, the last box gave me a cool ass speaker

And I’m like in the beginning stages of planning to turn a van into a camper. Like shit, just cause we did outdoorsy stuff together doesn’t mean that I CANT do it on my own. And that it wasn’t my passion from the beginning.