First Brunch At Home 2021

Browning what will eventually be smothered potatoes: 

Impulse buy from the wine store. We’ve had sparkling reds before but this one has a lot of body: 

So much body that you only really see the effervescence when initially poured: 

Finishing the smothered potatoes - liquid added & lid on: 

Ham (pan cooked with bacon grease no less), smothered potatoes, scrambled eggs & homegrown tomatoes (Harvested green in November & just now getting ripe for consumption): 

Anonymous asked:

how do thirteen year olds and younger be havin s/o’s meanwhile I’m here a lonely potato 😭😭. that also seems so stressful like dude I’m worried about not failing school I ain’t got time for you 😂😭


Ah, I do kinda regret getting into a relationship so young. It didn’t last long, but I did genuinely love them. If I could go back I would just remain friends though ^^; We were already quite close and very affectionate, so there wouldn’t be much of a difference tbh.