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Hi! I don't know if you were here at the time but I was doing some research and I saw that Louis signed with syco in 2015 to "save" Harry, is that true? I mean, is that what we believe? could you explain it? sorry it's okay if you don't want to answer

Hi there anon! Not sure what you mean by asking if that's what "we believe". We [larries] don't believe anything collectively lol besides Harry & Louis are together and always has been. We all believe in different things and have different theories about things we like to discuss. All the information is out there for you to do your own research and form your own opinion. I can tell you the facts and my opinion about it, is that ok? Please feel free to disagree. 

He didn't sign with Syco in 2015. What happened was that while he was still in One Direction, he created his own imprint label w/ Syco called Triple Strings. That was mid/2015 and it was dissolved last year after he left Syco. He only officially signed with Syco as a solo artist in 2017. 

Now, in my opinion this has absolutely nothing to do with Harry. And to sacrifice himself to save him and all that, I personally don't have any reasons to believe any of that is true. Louis was always heavily controlled by the label, much more than any of the other boys. When he created Triple Strings while he was still under One Direction contracts, I don't think he had much of a choice besides go with it when they sold him the idea. When One Direction went on a hiatus everyone else got a chance to sign with other labels but Louis was stuck with his imprint label, under Syco. When he officially signed as a solo artist, he went straight to Syco, because [again] I don't think other labels were even a possibility. He was stuck. With Harry the situation is just completely different. They're basically shutting Louis down for years, they kept him with Simon, they're punishing him. But Harry? Harry's extremely profitable, so he gets to do what brings people attention, his closeting is all about money. Louis didn't "save" him from anything, because both of them are still in the closet. 

I'm seriously tempted to filter out got7 on Tumblr. Like I get it that we all want to know what the members are planning for their future as idols, but we have to remember that this isn't the end of the world. They will still be making music and posting on social media. So I don't understand why we are making this into a huge deal.

Maybe I'm not fazed by any of this news because I happen to be a part of the media industry. At the end of the day as fans, we need to understand that our feelings ultimately don't matter in regards to a celebrity's career. We are not their friends. In fact we are complete strangers to them.

Think of it as this way, would you like it if random people on the internet told you what you should do in regards to your jobs, relationships and hobbies? No you wouldn't.

I'm sorry to say this, but being this invested in a celebrity's career is not normal or healthy.

I know a lot of people will say that their idol is their source of happiness, but you need to find other sources of happiness that aren't actual human beings with their own lives and feelings.

Now you are 100% allowed to be sad, but you need to remember that your social media accounts are public. We already know GOT7 use Twitter and Instagram and Bambam and Mark even interact with people on Twitch streams. So it's definitely possible that some of the members might come on Tumblr. It's a known fact that many western celebrities have official and personal Tumblr accounts, so kpop idols may have personal accounts too.

If you feel the need to share your sadness about the GOT7 situation with other Ahgase then try to do it in private messages/DMs, so GOT7 don't come across these posts.

You may not realise it, but there are so many ahgase posting publicly about how upset they are that if any of the members saw this, they will not be happy with this kind of reaction.

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lolololol you believe a band that ended 5 yEars ago are still under contract despite them all having clearly moved on as free agents???? You poor child, the old larries you got this shit from really did you wrong and now you're passing it along. When will the chain of insanity stop w you people! Larry. Isn't. real. Come on! Say it with me now! Life will go on without this weird obsession, i promise lmao.

Lol.. yikes.. someone doesn't understand contracts and didnt do their research... embarrassing.. just because they went on hiatus, doesn't mean they are free from contracts.. the band went on hiatus and didn't break up for a reason. It seems they still owe an album to the label because they signed a 3 album renewal contract after midnight memories and they won't be out of that contract until then.. it was reported after Z left that they still owed 2 albums to complete the contract, yet they only provided one. Also just because a label contract ends, it dowsnt mean freedom as an artist signs multiple contracts throughout their career, some of which can extend to a lifetime, such as NDAs. But I mean continue acting all high and mighty if ud like.. all ur doing is embarrassing urself..

Oh and ps love, I am an older larrie no ones telling me anything.. also i am studying to write my law school admissions test and took many courses in law and contracts during my undergrad.. the only thing telling me this is my knowledge, education and research on the topic.. 🤷‍♀️

A link to wattpad for author @herefornoreasons

On the "Empire" arc - "REQUESTED TOPIC"

The author decided to give us a further insight on music industry contracts and their legal limitations.

Truth or not, let the pros in the music biz speak! These people should be offered the opportunity to direct a series or a documentary..

*other note:

On the same arc the "RANT" relates to PR relationships and the legal obligations of the musician towards his/her label.. So ofc there might be some 'allusions' to showmila.

On a last note:

Please read carefully as The author explicitly states she does not want to be associated with camren "propaganda", but she does have a view of the industry which is useful to use your own critical judgement. 👌

12/100 - Yesterday was a lot. Heard back from a job opportunity that I’d dreamed of for months... I didn’t get it. Got this news as I was scrambling to prepare for my conflicts final and it took everything out of me to simply not cry in a ball all day. I have one more final left before graduation and am working to maintain my motivation. Reminding myself that disappointment is a part of life and that I owe it to myself to keep moving forward. It’s not always easy, but you all inspire me. Take care of yourselves.

My due date for a project is a week away and despite the fact that I'm almost done with it, I am still low-key panicking about it. Probably because I have exams coming up from 11th onwards and I have barely studied anything :/
My senior taught me how to study contracts today and I'm off to a good start. Alsoo it was my friend's birthday and I'm so sad I couldn't celebrate it with her :(
I can't wait to meet my friends, but the thought of offline college terrifies me

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Fake relationships in Hollywood
  • Is it legal?
This man was Max Clifford, he represented Simon Cowell for over a decade and was credited with shaping his public image. He was arrested in December 2012 on suspicion of sexual offences, found guilty of eight counts of indecent assault on four girls and women aged between 15 and 19. In 2017, while he was in prison, he collapsed and was taken to a Hospital where he died.
4th slide (2nd video)
Robbie Williams filmed a blog in which he is seen having a video call with his wife Ayda, this was before signing the contract to be judges of The X Factor.
Jack Ketsoyan is a veteran publicist in Hollywood, he exposed the truth about fake relationships on The Quicky podcast. There are many articles like this, so you can look for yourselves.
  • Elton John
  • Steve Brookstein
He was the first person to win the X Factor in 2004. He won a record deal with Simon Cowell but got terminated by Syco after 9 months.
  • Kristen Stewart
  • Colton Haynes
  • Ricky Martin
  • Cher Lloyd
  • Cara Delevigne
  • Mark Freehily
  • Nicole Richie and Steve-O
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can you explain what happens when the 1d contract ends? does that mean it’s the official end of 1d or?

The contract didn't end the day everyone seemed to think, and I've been saying that for month. If the contract was time and not album based, they wouldn't just let the boys go on hiatus for this long and just let it expire without a reunion or a chance to make more money.. As an artist they also sign.mre than one contract, so one expiring wouldn't necessarily mean its all over and they wouldn't be free right away because there would still be things like NDAs set in place.. but no need to think about what would happen, the band still is under contract with sony nothing ended or expired this month..