“His hair was so light in color it looked almost silver, and it stood up, sticking out in pointed spikes. As he turned, Kirishima was struck by his strange, angular beauty. His face was made of hard lines and sharp angles that gave him a fiercely handsome appearance.” 

I got the absolute pleasure of drawing this for the author’s amazing gladiator fanfic - Blood, Sweat, and Love


I have this candid of my hubby and me that I absolutely adore, but it’s all blurry and stuff. So I commissioned @edendaphne to redraw it for me as Adrienette. I love it. It’s so beautiful. Please excuse me while I alternately stare at this and burst into happy tears for the next several hours.

Commission for my fanfic, You Are Mine. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12771133/1/You-Are-Mine

Here is my commissioned piece, made by the lovely @panda-capuccino . I realized, searching for Reylo images, that there were only 2 pieces out there of a proposal. One is a chibi comic-like piece, the other is simply Kylo/Ben on his knees and Rey bending down to kiss him. There is another chibi of them in a snow globe. Thanks to Panda Capuccino, I present you the first realistic art piece of a reylo proposal that includes both of their reactions at the moment of the proposal, a ring, and full body color. We are proud to make this contribution to the reylo community!