Prompt 140

“Can I sit?”

“mm,” Hero answers, but it sounds thick. Like they’ve been crying. Because they have been. and they hate it. They hate that they’re crying. They hate how vulnerable they are in front of villain. They hate everything and everyone that’s ever made them turn out this way.

Villain crouches down next to them.

“The stars are pretty tonight,” they say. and it’s so unexpected that Hero can only laugh weakly.

“Yeah,” but they don’t look up. Instead, they gaze into the familiar golden eyes that always seem to see right through them, and they smile. “They are.”

When the whumpee gets lost in a snow storm, and they end up pass out due to the hypothermia. The whumpee waking up an unknown amount of time later, feeling very, very warm, and when they eventually find enough energy to open their eyes, they discover that their team has found them, and brought them somewhere warm. The whumpee discovering that they’ve been tucked into bed and covered in a truly absurd amount of blankets, with a teammate cuddled up against each of their sides. Their teammates all being very excited to see them awake, and a third teammate helping them sip hot tea without moving out from under the blankets, where the whumpee feels cozy and safe. The whumpee having no idea what happened after they passed out, or how their teammates found them, but being too tired to really care at that moment, and dozing off again in their teammate’s arms.

Anonymous asked:

Hello there! I haven't been feeling good (emotionally) lately. I have a request, if you don't mind. Can you make some headcanons of how Xiao and Albedo (they're both really popular but I must say they're my favorite comfort characters) would react to their traveler!s/o who is usually bright and cheerful (but is secretly really good at hiding how she truly feels) suddenly cries when they're both alone and had some privacy? The reason why traveler!s/o is sad is because they're tired of doing many works and people rely on her while she doesn't really have anyone to rely or trust to, and doesn't know what to do next after they met their twin (spoilers!). If you're not comfortable with spoilers then it's okay to ignore the spoilers part. Thank you very much. Have a nice day to you.


Ahhh! Anon, Anon, Anon san.. I can totally relate to this request! Everyone can have some bad days from time to time.. and everyone needs comforting! I've been feeling pretty down lately but making you guys happy really brightens up my day!

I hope that with this request, I can make you feel a little better!

🌺s/o suddenly crying in front of them🌺

Pairings: Xiao/Albedo x Traveler! F! Reader!

Warnings: Hm.. none?

Notes: I'm still not used to writing for Albedo.. hehe.. I hope he's not too ooc 🙏🌸

Mammon and Nightmares

This is the second part in the series, I’m going in order from oldest to youngest, you can find Lucifer’s here

Scenario: MC (you) wakes up from a very bad nightmare and seeks out comfort from the boys. You end sleeping next to them since you can’t sleep. This is inspired by me, since my dreams. . . . . . . they are funky to say the least.


Inspired by a conversation I had with @Tulip-hall

Genre: fluff

Warnings: reader is gender neutral so this can be as inclusive as possible :) swearing in the bonus section

Your dream slowly faded away as you opened your eyes. Gazing up at the ceiling, you sigh. Night terrors were difficult to deal with. After needlessly rolling in bed trying to go back to bed you sit up. Your D.D. tells you that it’s 2 am, you really didn’t want to stay up. You knew Lucifer was going to require that you go to classes. Your mind was still foggy, your thoughts wouldn’t stop drifting to your dreams. You cover your eyes and tilt your head up, trying to think. Sitting in the dark did nothing to soothe your fears. It felt childish to sit awake, afraid of a dream. Running through your options you finally give in to the first idea that had come to mind. Mammon. Though he could seem outwardly rude and selfish he was one of the kinder demons in the House of Lamentation.

You stumbled in the dark and fumbled with the doorknob until you managed to peek your head into the hall. Your cold feet on the tile caused a shiver to run up your spine. The sudden chill startles you to hurry down the hall. The tapping of your bare feet echoed through the hall, it didn’t matter to you in the moment. The empty hall was not soothing your mind in the slightest, so making a noisy disturbance was the least of your worries. 

Standing at Mammon’s door you pause, this was going to sound so stupid once you actually explained it to him. It was Mammon though, how bad would he really be? Your knocks thundered in the dark hall, you hoped that Mammon would hurry to the door, waking up Lucifer at this hour would most definitely end with you punished. You were met with silence. Placing your head on the door you heard the whistling snores inside. So Mammon was a heavy sleeper, this would require a more direct approach. 

Avoiding all the furniture in Mammon’s room you stood over his sleeping form and considered turning around and staying awake for a few more hours. The memories of your horrific dream were too much to bear, ever since coming to the devildom you had lost all the people you would have confided with, now you were stuck. Hiding how you felt was too much to handle in the moment. Turns out hiding your emotions in a foreign place will overflow eventually. You felt your eyes grow hotter, tears gathering on your lash line. You shook Mammon’s shoulder and whispered his name.

Tears were beginning to roll down your cheeks, gently falling on Mammon’s sheets. Mammon grumbled and turned away, you squeezed his shoulder, this caused him to groan even louder.

“What, am I late to breakfast again, I’ll be down in a minute,” Mammon grumbled, his voice muffled by his pillow.

“Mammon, I need to talk to you, please,” you leaned down and whispered to him “I-I’m scared.”

Mammon rolled over, “MC? What are you doing here, what happened to you, are you hurt?” Eyes wide once he saw your expression, Mammon sat up with a start. 

“I was scared, and I didn’t know who else to talk to Mammon, so I came here,” you sputtered out, feeling embarrassed, Mammon looked so worried, and here you were shivering from a nightmare.

“Well, Mammon’s here to protect ya’!” Mammon grinned sleepily, a yawn stretching his face as he slowly stretched his arms.

“I had a really bad nightmare, and I can’t sleep, I’m sorry for waking you up for something so little like this. I was hoping you would let me talk to you for a little bit,” You shifted your weight a few times, unsure what to do next.

Mammon sat still for a moment, at first he thought you might have been making a joke, but your eyes pooling with tears were not lying to him. He felt a twinge of pain seeing you so frightened. He hesitantly reached for you, his fingers grazed your arm, you subconsciously leaned into his touch. He noticed and grew bright red as he came up with an idea. He withdrew his hand and struggled to find the words.

“MC, if you can’t sleep, you can stay here with me, I have to protect my human after all,” he stated, trying to puff up his chest and act cool. His attempt was failing. Darkness was failing to hide the blush that crawled up his face to his ears. 

You felt heat rise to your face, but you had noticed how you had calmed as soon as Mammon had awoken and began to speak to you. You gave a small nod and shifted closer. Mammon scooted over in his bed and held the sheets open for you. You sat on the edge and sank in. Kicking your feet up and on the bed you turned on your side and faced Mammon. He had scooted further away, hoping you wouldn’t see his face or hear his heart pounding. 

Mammon was elated but he stopped himself short, he shouldn’t be excited, your face was still creased with concern. It was his job right now to comfort you, at least that’s what he told himself. He made eye contact and nudged himself closer.

“MC, do you wanna talk about it?” He whispered, his breath just reaching you to send a shiver over your face.

You shook your head, it was too overwhelming to talk about right now, seeing the concerned sheen in Mammon’s eyes caused you to tear up again. You reached out and clung to his arm. He shifted closer but stopped, allowing you to make the final shift so that you were resting against his chest. 

“MC, I’m not the best at talking, or comforting, or really anything, but I promise that right here and right now, I’m not going anywhere. I’ll hold you for as long as you want, you are safe right now, promise,” Mammon spoke with a low voice.

Mammon gradually wrapped his arms loosely around you, one hand curled under you and cradled your head while the other rested atop your midriff. Mammon felt his own throat tighten, he forced himself to hold it in, he wanted to make sure you were okay, he pulled back slightly. He rubbed his thumb across your cheek, wiping away your tears that were slowly stopping. He looked into your eyes and smiled softly. He pulled you back in, resting his chin overtop your head. He hummed a little as you curled in against him. 

Unintentionally Mammon fell asleep, his soft snores and rising and falling of his body calmed the tizzy your mind had been. Before sleep captured you fully you looked up at Mammon’s face, he looked so serene, you saved the image in your mind while you still held consciousness. You knew that Mammon would always hold you, for as long as you needed.


Levi was already convinced that Mammon was a scumbag, he stole his money, he gambled, he was greedy, he obviously liked MC, and now this. He was upset that his record for being the latest to breakfast had been broken. (Though frequently Belphie also beats him) But being beaten by not one but TWO people. It was unacceptable, so he went to pester Mammon, he didn’t want to bother MC. He couldn’t bring himself to knock on the door to MC’s room. Instead he barged into Mammon’s room, not caring if his older brother would be aggravated. What he found was worse than his late record being broken. At first, he stood there, frozen in place. He made a strangled noise with his throat, it grew louder until he managed to wail out, “LUCIFER!!” (snitch)

Lucifer, who was seated at the table, huffed in frustration and took his time strolling down the hall, prepared to beat the shit out of Mammon again. Much like Levi when he saw you and Mammon clinging to one another was not what he was expecting to see. Of course you had woken up, Levi had screamed awfully loud. Mammon. . . was still asleep. You were blushing furiously, you tried squeeze yourself out of Mammon’s grip to escape the embarrassing scene but Mammon was not giving up. His hands were clamped onto your arms. You avoid looking at the brothers as one by one they make their way to Mammon’s room. They all came in hoping to catch a glimpse of Mammon being humorously scolded only to see you and Mammon holding one another. Mammon slowly opened his eyes as more and more people made their way into the room, the volume increasing. He yawned and looked at you. He almost had a heart attack. He had completely forgotten about the previous night. He yelped a little, his face turning fuchsia. His brothers began to scold him and your tired mind twinged from all the unwanted noise. You stood and entwined your fingers with Mammon’s. 

“We are going to breakfast, excuse me,” you pushed your way past all six of them with Mammon tagging along behind you looking at his feet to hide his flushed face.

Burnout (Bucky x reader)


Bucky x reader

Warnings: burnout, overworked, mental breakdown/panic attack

Word count: 3377

A/N: Take care of yourself, burnout is real and you CAN get sick. Trust me. I’m always here if you wanna talk to someone about anything or want another friend. Stay strong <3

Includes: Lyrics from the song “Weight of the World” by Citizen Soldier


These nights were becoming more common. And that wasn’t a good thing.

You sat at your desk surrounded by papers, empty cans of energy drinks, and a bright laptop screen. You held your head in your hands and you tried to keep your eyes awake, turning the screen brightness higher. 

1:46 AM

You sighed and rubbed your eyes, trying to rub the sleep out of them. You took your hands away and looked back at the screen briefly before covering your face again. 

You lived with the Avengers and were a huge asset to the team. Not only were you enhanced with powers, but you were incredibly intelligent. That being the case, you worked with Tony and Bruce in the lab either developing new ideas or fixing suits after missions. As well as being on the mission yourself. Therefore you trained early every morning with Steve and Bucky. You also did most of the mission reports, switching off with Steve once and a while.

Most nights you could be found either working through paperwork, down in the lab working into the morning with Tony, or researching for new projects in said lab. You never meant to stay up as late as you did, but no matter how hard you worked, more work kept appearing. Every 10 PM soon turned into 2 AM, and you could never quite catch a break. You had turned to caffeine not long ago, quickly using it as a crutch to supplement sleep. 

You had just gotten back from a long mission with the team, and were incredibly sore. Steve hadn’t gone on this mission, leaving you to finish the report. Add to that, Tony wanted to make a better suit for Peter, and Sam’s wings were busted. Tony was working on Peter’s suit, wanting to make it perfect, leaving you with fixing the wings for Sam. 

You decided to work on Sam’s Falcon suit first, seeing that you lived on Planet Earth and he could be scheduled for another mission at any time. What seemed to be superficial damage turned out to be extensive, and required much more repairing that you had anticipated. What you had planned to be a 2 hour process had turned into just over a day of work in the lab. 

Not wanting to lose your place and needing a distraction from the soreness, you had worked for hours straight, only breaking to relieve yourself every so often. You were exhausted and ready to fall asleep when you laid back in your bed. Only to check your notifications and see an email from Fury requesting the mission report immediately.

Sent hours ago.

Which led you to where you were now. You hadn’t slept in almost 48 hours, sore from the mission, with a tedious mission report to fill out. Taking a deep breath, you removed your hands from your face.

 2:07 AM.

You groaned, but brought your hands back to the keyboard and began typing. The words were blurring together and you shook your head a few times trying to stay awake. Somehow, you finished the report and sent it off and looked at the time again.

3:13 AM

You rubbed your temples before climbing back into your bed, sighing out as your eyes filled with tears. It wasn’t uncommon for you to go to bed this late/early. Lately Tony had been coming up with more ideas and would ask you to help. Since Tony works through most of the night, you had learned to do the same. You don’t remember the last time you had more than 3 or 4 hours of sleep. 

You were off the hook for training for a few days, due to having just gotten back from a mission. And while you had been hesitant at first, you were grateful now that you had a bit more time to sleep. Despite the caffeine you had consumed to stay awake, you were absolutely exhausted. Tears threatened to fall from your eyes but you tried to breathe through it. You just wanted a break but couldn’t seem to catch one. 

You curled into yourself as your stomach began to growl. ‘When was the last time I ate?’ you thought. Not that it mattered, there was nothing that could bring you out of your bed at that moment. You drifted off to sleep.


You woke up to your phone chiming and groaned, picking it up to see what was so important. Your eyes find the top message, informing you that the mission report you had submitted was incomplete. You jolted out of bed and over to your desk to begin working on the report again, biting back tears of embarrassment at such a ridiculous error on your part. How could you have been so tired that you missed an entire section of a report?

You cracked open another energy drink that you kept in your room and began guzzling it. You were still in the same clothes as the day before and you hadn’t taken your hair down from it’s bun in days. Your stomach grumbled but you answered it with more of the energy drink. You would deal with hunger later. This was much more important. 

Your head was pounding and you could barely sit up straight. You had barely gotten a few hours of sleep and somehow felt more tired than you had before it. Your sight became more blurry as it became harder to suppress the tears. You were angry at yourself, why couldn’t you just get this one fucking thing done?

You worked through the section quickly, or at least, you tried to. You kept having to reread sections, not comprehending what the words were saying anymore. You rubbed your eyes aggressively and shook your head, trying to concentrate. You reached to grab the energy drink again, but instead accidentally spilled it all over yourself. Letting out a “Fuck!” as you stood up, something inside you snapped. 

You threw the can across the room, not caring how much was left inside of it. You flipped your chair and crumbled the miscellaneous papers on your desk. You let out a scream of frustration, and threw a picture frame across the room. After which, you bent over and placed your hands on your knees, small sobs beginning to wrack your body. You were just so tired, you had work to do, but you couldn’t do it no matter how simple it was. 

You walked around the mess and into your bathroom, closing the door. You turned on the shower and got in, not even bothering to take off your clothes or wait for it to warm up. You didn’t care. You couldn’t. You sank to the floor, tears streaming down your face as the shower began to warm. You couldn’t bring yourself together, every time you tried to calm down a new wave of frustration and exhaustion would hit you and you would start crying all over again. You held your hand to your chest, trying to catch your breath a little, not having much success. You were gasping for air, it felt like you were breathing fire. Unable to fight it anymore, you started choking out lyrics to one of your go-to sad songs.

Feel the weight of the world over me tonight.

If I break, if I break down this time

You took a shaky breath and choked out the next line

Hope you know I tried…

Meanwhile, Bucky had been thinking about you. The two of you were very close, you had been ever since Steve had introduced you to him. He was in awe of how you could both rival Tony in the lab and himself in the training room. That and how much you did for others. You had helped him a lot when Bucky had first come to the compound. And he was very grateful.

He knew you had gotten back from a mission a few days ago, and were probably exhausted. From what he had heard it had been a brutal mission. However, in the past, you had usually gotten back into the routine of daily life pretty quickly. He hasn’t so much as seen you since you got back. 

He couldn’t help but worry.

He decided to go to your room to check on you, seeing as it was later in the morning and you had had a chance to sleep. Little did he know, you hadn’t. When he got to your door he knocked and waited for a response. He was met with nothing. However, with his enhanced hearing, he heard muffled singing from inside. He couldn’t hear the words, but you sounded in pain. 

My mind’s such a mess, I can’t handle it, I’m at the end of my rope.

Worried, he let himself in and took in the state of the room. It was completely trashed, shattered glass, overturned furniture, crumbled papers. He heard the shower running and could hear your cries through the lyrics

My neck is breaking body shaking

Sometimes it’s so hard to breathe

But no one sees it follows me i always end up underneath

The weight of the world…

You began coughing, still gasping for air and holding your chest. Bucky came over to the bathroom door and opened it, concerned you were in pain. You were sitting on the floor, drenched and shaking. Steam filled the room, fogging up the mirrors. He came over to you, trying to get your attention but you couldn’t hear him. Worried, he stepped into the shower as well, swearing as it burned his skin. He crouched down in front of you and took your face in his hands, trying to guide your face to his.

“Y/n, y/n can you hear me? Can you look at me?” he said. 

Coming back to your senses slightly, you tried to figure out who was in front of you. You grabbed one of his forearms and focused your eyes, still struggling to breathe. You found Bucky’s blue eyes looking back at you.

Bucky, knowing you were now aware of his presence, reached to turn off the water while still maintaining eye contact. You were coughing, choking on each breath, still shaking and crying. Bucky had never seen you like this. You tried looking around again, forgetting briefly where you were and what had happened, breath picking up again in confusion.  “Hey, hey, y/n? I need you to keep your eyes on me okay?”

“It...hurts..” you gasped out, feeling like fire filled your lungs. Your arms had gone numb and in the absence of the warm water your wet body was now shivering from both the cold and anxiety. 

Bucky quickly looked you up and down. “What hurts, y/n?” he said calmly but firmly even though he was freaking out internally.

Fresh tears spilled out of your eyes. You tried to talk but couldn’t speak through your panic. You rubbed your chest, willing your heart to slow down but it wouldn’t. 

Bucky, still keeping his eyes locked on yours, said “Listen, y/n, I need you to try and breathe with me slowly, okay? Like this,” he breathed in deeply and let it out slowly. You tried to copy him and after a few breaths lost your pace. You shook your head. “I can’t…. I...I…”

. “It’s okay, you’re okay, you’re safe y/n. Try again, I’m right here okay? Look at me.” he said, still breathing deeply. Eventually, you were able to find a rhythm and catch your breath, becoming aware of the situation and everything that had happened. Now able to breathe, you felt new tears of shame rush to your eyes. There were a few moments of silence

“What happened?” Bucky asked, concern etched on his face. 

You let out a small sob and covered your face, and Bucky’s heart shattered. He had never seen anyone this upset, nevermind you. You had always been so strong, energetic, joyful. And here you were, soaking wet and shaking on the shower floor. What the hell had happened to you? 

He stood up and got out of the shower, also soaked, but he didn’t care about that right now. He leaned down and put one arm behind your back and the other looped under your knees and he picked you up. He placed you down on the vanity and stood in front of you. He carefully took your wrists and pulled them away from your face, you looking at him through bloodshot eyes. 

“You - you’re soaked,” you said, both out of shock and in an attempt to deflect the attention from you.

“Wh- I mean, yeah, so are you,” Bucky said. “Y/n, can you tell me what happened?”

You looked down at your hands and swallowed thickly, embarrassed. “I, uh…” you cleared your throat. What had happened? You closed your eyes and rubbed your head. 

The shower

The song

Your room

The report

The energy drink

Oh fuck

You sighed out “Shit, I just…” again, shame began to overtake you. “It’s stupid, forget about it,” you said, trying to stand up. 

Bucky stopped you, confused. “Y/n, whatever just happened, that…  That’s not caused by something stupid. I’ve never seen you so upset before. Hell I’ve never seen anyone so upset before. But I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what’s wrong.”

“Really, Buck, I’m fine,” you said.

“Then why are you trying not to cry?”

You sighed. There was no other way out of this. You looked at him and said, “I was just done.” You looked back down at your hands, and continued trying to keep the waiver out of your voice. “I just, um...After the mission I had to fix Sam’s wings, and it took me longer than I expected. And then I still had the mission report which took me all of last night and then I found out that I had missed an entire section. And I got mad that I couldn’t focus or stay awake and I just kind of...broke.”

As you looked back at him, face not as red, he could see how tired you seemed. “Are you sleeping?”

“I mean, a little bit it’s not like I’ve been awake this whole time but -”


You looked at him. “A couple of hours a night at most,” you said quietly. 

Bucky nodded sadly. “Anything else?”

You opened and closed your mouth a few times. “I mean it’s not a big deal -”

“What I just saw was a big deal,” Bucky said gently.

“I haven’t really made time to eat either,” you tried to laugh it off a little. “Just kind of chugged energy drinks. But then I spilled it all over myself, so...bad idea I guess.”

Bucky wasn’t laughing. But he wasn’t angry either. He was, but not at you, never at you.

“I’m sorry,” you said. 

“Why didn’t you say anything? The days off after missions are there for rest.”

You shrugged. “I had important shit to do.” 

“Well you’re pretty important shit too,” he said a little more firmly, but still not angrily. He sighed. “But really, if you’re not okay then nothing gets done. You’re going to get sick if you keep doing this to yourself. When was the last time you had more than a few hours of sleep?”

“I don’t know,” you answered honestly. 

He sighed once again. “I’m sorry,” you said, fearful that he was angry with you.

“No, it’s not your fault I just…” he looked away for a second before looking back at you. “I don’t like seeing you like this. I don’t want you pushing yourself so hard and getting hurt.”

You sighed sadly and rubbed your eyes. “Every day I tell myself it’s the last day I’ll stay up so late. I always tell myself I’ll eat after my project is done. But no matter how hard I work there’s just more and more work that needs to get done. And I can’t keep up. I feel like I’m drowning. But no matter how much I hate it I...I always come last,” you said. 

“You shouldn’t have to,” Bucky said.

After a few moments of silence, Bucky pulled you in for a hug, you still sitting on the counter. You closed your eyes against his chest and sighed out, feeling good finally getting all of that off of your chest. 

“You’re taking the next few days off.” he said. 

You pulled back and looked at him. “But the report -”

“Is mostly done and Steve can get the rest of the information from Sam.” Bucky finished for you.

“But -”

“Nope. There is not a single thing you could say right now that is going to prevent me from making sure you take care of yourself for a few days.” he said, and you knew he was right. Nodding, he pulled you back in for a hug. 

“We should get out of these clothes.” you said softly, shivering a little. 

Bucky laughed a little. “Yeah, we really should.” 

You moved to stand up from the counter, still a little weak as you leaned on Bucky a little. You walked slowly out to your room and were met with the mess you created earlier. “Shit,” you said, taking in the broken glass and furniture.

Bucky turned you around and said “Do you want to come to my room? We can deal with this some other time.”

You simply nodded, stepping around the broken shards of glass and to the hallway. Bucky’s room wasn’t far from yours, and luckily no one was in the hallways to comment on how both of you were in wet clothes. Once in his room, he closed the door after you and went to his dresser. He pulled out a pair of sweats and one of his T-shirts and handed them to you. “They might be a little big but -”

“Thank you,” you said, taking the clothes and heading to his bathroom. You closed the door and peeled your current outfit off of you. You found a spare towel and dried off the rest of you, and pulled on Bucky’s clothes. They were huge on you, but you didn’t mind. You took your hair down and redid your bun before splashing some cold water on your face. Deeming you looked more presentable, you came back out and saw that Bucky had also changed. Smiling warmly, he pointed to the bed. 

“So you are going to lie down, and I am going to go make you some food. I’ll be right back.”

You started shaking your head. “No, it’s okay, you don’t have -”

He raised his eyebrows, still pointing to the bed. Swallowing a laugh, you nodded and sat down on the bed. Bucky then left the room and returned a few minutes later with a sandwich. After you had eaten it, you laid back in the bed, melting into the softness of the mattress. You faced away from Bucky, who was sitting next to you on his phone. He was (slowly)  texting Steve to finish your report, which took very little convincing. 

After a few minutes, you asked “Can you lay down with me?”

Bucky smiled a little to himself. “Sure, doll,” he said, and he moved to lie down next to you. Unsure of what exactly you wanted, he gave you space. Not soon after, you turned over and scooted closer to his side. After a moment of shock from Bucky, you asked “Is this okay?” Readjusting a little, he wrapped his arm around you and pulled you closer. “Yeah, is this okay?” he asked in return.  You merely hummed in approval, already feeling safer in his warm embrace. He let out a small laugh. “Try to get some rest, y/n. I’ll be here whenever you wake up.”

It was the most peaceful sleep you had ever had.

Underrated Comfort Things

  • Hair washing
  • Whumpee admitting how scared they were/are 
  • Caretaker pouring out their feelings because “I thought I was gonna lose you.”
  • Whumpee only wanting a specific person to comfort them. 
  • Caretaker getting as emotional as Whumpee
  • Whumpee asking for something specific after being rescued
  • LIMITED PHYSICAL CONTACT (due to restraints, medical intervention, forced time constraints, etc)
  • Whumpee’s thoughts pointing out how soft/warm/gentle Caretaker's comfort is.
  • A moment of disbelief upon initial reunion, especially if it’s long enough for Whumpee to doubt if it’s actually happening. 

Satan and Nightmares

This is the fourth part in the series, I’m going in order from oldest to youngest, so Lucifer’s, Mammon’s and Leviathan’s are done, you can find below.

Scenario: MC (you) wakes up from a very bad nightmare and seeks out comfort from the boys. You end sleeping next to them since you can’t sleep. This is inspired by me, since my dreams. . . . . . . they are funky to say the least.


Inspired by a conversation I had with @Tulip-hall

Genre: fluff

Warnings: Reader is gender neutral so this is for everyone! No warnings!

Your eyes open to complete darkness. A few moments pass and you realize your situation, you had only been dreaming. You heave yourself off of your bed and gaze around your room. Squinting you can make out your phone and you grab it. It was three in morning. You knew that you needed more sleep. You curled up under your sheets again. Tossing and turning was doing you no good. Every time you felt your body relax you would relive your night terror.

You stood again and paced, you had no options currently. A few thoughts drifted by and your mind latched on to one of them. You shook your head, it was a silly thought, but your mind was insistent. You sighed and wrapped a blanket around your shoulders. Wearing your makeshift cape you scuffled down the hall to Satan’s door. 

Immediately after the first rap on the door you heard a shuffle inside. After the second knock the door was thrown open. Satan stood there, very aggravated. His hair was fluffed up and sticking every which way and he was wearing a fluffy green sweater and plush looking pants. He peered at you, his eyes still squinted from sleep. He yawned and gave you a scowl.

“MC, do you know what time it is? Please tell me you have a good reason for this,” He grumbled, running his fingers through his hair to smooth it somewhat.

“Can I talk to you for a bit? I know it’s late but I really need to talk right now,” you mumbled looking at the floor sheepishly. You already began to regret your decision, Satan was a light sleeper and did not appreciate being disturbed.

To your surprise, Satan stepped aside and allowed you into his room. You gently nudged the floating books away as you made your way through his room. His bed was covered in massive books so you settled on the plush, old couch. Satan trailed behind and stood in front of you and looked down. He quirked his eyebrow as if to ask you to tell him why you were here. You felt yourself shrink under his gaze but you explained to him what had happened.

Satan sighed and rubbed his temples, he felt a small twinge of anger flare up in him but he could not bring himself to be mad. He had watched you relay your dream. You had kept your face hidden from him but the cracks in your voice were undeniable. He crouched down and gazed up at your face. He offered you a weak smile. Unsure of how to give any solace he reached a hand up and cupped your face. 

“Hey, it’s okay, you’re with me now, and you’re okay. You’ll be alright,” Satan reassured.

You gave him a weak smile and leaned into his touch. Satan felt himself grow warmer and pulled himself away from you. He turned from you and reviewed his room. Tomes and enchanted books were laying all over the floor, many of them floated in the air and piles of volumes were stacked on his bed. Satan wished he had spent some time organizing earlier that day. He had been distracted by a new novel he got off of Akuzon and completely forgot. He muttered a few expletives under his breath. He didn’t want to kick you out so you could cower in fear all alone, but there was no way he could find room without spending an eon reorganizing.

Turning on his heel Satan faced you again, he cleared his throat and spoke, “I don’t have a lot of room so you can sleep on the couch and I guess, since I’m already awake, I’ll just read until morning comes.” 

“That doesn’t sound very fair, I could always curl up on the floor, I’m the one that’s intruding,” you responded waving your arms in defiance. 

Satan carefully clasped your arms and held them still, “it’s alright, you can sleep on the couch, I don’t mind. I can survive without a few hours of sleep. Besides, there’s nowhere on the floor to sleep,” Satan chuckled. He plopped himself on a stack of books and beckoned one of the novels floating through the air to come to him. You began to protest again but he was already entranced by the book.

You accepted that Satan would be too stubborn, so you curled up on the couch, the old couch creaked and you sank into the worn cushions. You felt yourself begin to calm but, just as before, you were visited by visions of your dream. You instead laid there, your eyes wide open and holding back tears. The Devildom was a terrifying place, you loved it, but not all of it. You found it hard to confide in the brothers for fear of sounding weak or whiny.

A loud yawn permeated the silence you had resolved yourself in. You were annoyed by Satan’s refusal to rest. You silently rose and tiptoed to Satan’s side. You clung to his sleeve and pulled. He didn’t move but his mouth pursed. You could see how he was holding back his smile and you frowned at him. You pulled again, he began to chuckle.

“MC, I just don’t want to make you uncomfortable, you can have the couch,” Satan said, sighing with a smile and finally looking at you. His smile faded when he saw that your eyes were shining with tears. He tossed his book into the air, allowing it to float away. He stood quickly and began to truly fathom how bad that dream had been.

“MC, what do you need me to do? I-” Satan paused and looked over your shoulder at the couch. “Would you like to share the couch? Maybe I could read to you?” Satan rambled, hoping he could find a solution to help you.

You nodded, Satan took it as confirmation of both and loosely held your hand as he steered you back to the couch. He halted you from lying down and settled in first.

“MC, the only way we can make room for the two of us is if you lay on top of me, of course if that’s too weird then I’ll let you have the couch and I’ll still read to y-” A puff of air escaped from Satan’s chest, interrupting him as you laid on his chest.

You were terrified and tired, you weren’t busy or concerned by embarrassment currently. Satan reddened but managed to beckon his book back to his side. He opened it up and began again at the start. Every so often he would trip over his words when you would wriggle to be more comfortable. Your hands curled under him and your head rested on his chest. Satan’s heart would skip a beat but you hardly noticed, his low voice rumbling through his chest with every word was soothing. You felt your heart rate slow and breaths even.

Satan noticed that you were asleep. He pushed the book aside and gazed down at you asleep on his chest. He had always known himself as a creature of rage, nothing more than a creation made of Lucifer’s negative emotions. You made him feel like so much more. You sought him out as a source of comfort, he never thought that he would be a safe place for you. Now that he had you here with him he was determined to bring you to safety no matter what. 

Satan returned to reading the book when he saw you stir lightly. As he read he felt himself slip off into sleep as well, perfectly content to spend all of his lifetimes right there with you.


You awoke in a partial darkness, you didn’t move, rather you listened to the disaster unfolding. You heard the low rumbling of Satan’s voice through his chest. The aggravated tone was unmistakable. You felt your face blush furiously when you heard the scolding of Lucifer. As you continue to wake more you realize where you were. You were lying on top of Satan with an open faced book over your head.

After you had fallen asleep Satan kept reading until he had drifted off too. He dropped the book and now you had a paper tent over your head. You wanted to giggle, you couldn’t really hold it in any longer. You giggled softly and broke out into laughter. The other brothers walked in to see you laying on top of Satan laughing with a book on your head. Humans are really strange.

As more of the brothers entered the room and began to chime in on the display before them Satan got more and more annoyed. You could see Satan begin to breathe heavier. You knew he was about to blow but how he reacted shocked you. In one smooth motion he scooped you up and carried you out of his room. But, before he headed down the hall, Satan freed one hand quickly to flip off Lucifer. He began laughing as he ran down the hallway followed by the thunderous steps of an enraged Lucifer echoing behind the two of you.

"in my eyes, in my heart, you are there; my whole world is dazzling.

*★ punz x reader (irl / comfort fluff)

*★ word count: 849

*★ A/N - reupload! may i offer everyone some punz fluff in these trying times? writing comfort fluff is one of my favorite things to write ( •̀ ω •́ )✧

punz yawned and slouched into his chair. he glanced at his phone to check the time: 4 AM. strange— it felt much earlier than it actually was. he’d been up since 6 AM, though, so maybe his sense of time was just fucked up right now. maybe he should go to bed.

instead, he continued scrolling mindlessly through his twitter feed.

i’ve got you | b.barnes

w/c: ~300

pairing: bucky barnes x f!reader

warnings: crying bucky 🥲

summary: bucky has a nightmare

a/n: i’ve been stuck in a bit of a block writing wise so here’s a draft that i wrote a while ago🥲 i have a few more requests to write so i’ll be posting one tomorrow if everything goes to plan😭

Bucky wakes with a start, the bedsheets tangled in his limbs, his body sprawled and contorted unnaturally. His breathing is rapid as he frantically searches the room for you, reaching in the dark until he grasps a leg that isn’t his own.

“What the-” You turn over to face him, your hair sprawled out around you like a halo as you grab for his hand, still only half conscious, “What’s the matter, Buck?”

“Nothing,” he chokes out, stifling a sob that’s rising in his throat. You don’t miss the waver in his voice as he’d hoped, and you shuffle closer to him in the dark, wrapping your frail arms around his bulky frame.

“C’mere, you’re okay, I’ve got you,” you whisper; he buries his face in the crook of her neck and wraps his arms around your waist, his body wracked with sobs, shaking uncontrollably. You pull him closer still, swaying him back and forth in your arms and humming gently. Resting your head against his, you slowly turn your face and press your lips to the side of his head, carding your fingers through his hair.

“It- it was like I was there- there again,” he chokes out between cries; he nestles his face deeper into your shoulder, dampening your t-shirt with his tears.

“Shh, it was just a bad dream, Just a dream, ok? None of it was real.” You cradle his body flush against your own, as though he might break despite his well-built stature. “Come on, lay down with me.”

About twenty minutes later, his breathing evens out and his face softens with sleep. You remain awake, thinking. You gaze at his face, now void of worries or thoughts, and gently push a strand of dark hair off of his forehead. You hope the nightmares will stop soon.


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