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I’m doing fine, thank you^^ I’m having my morning coffee and bad coffee puns go well with it~ I hope you have an amazing day too.

A Double Shot - Jackson and Alejandro


Jackson took a sip and spit the drink out.

He frowned at the hissing machine in front of him.  He wasn't sure if he should be worried about the steady spew of steam coming from the back of it.  The sludge in his cup most certainly did not look appetizing.  Gaston must have been off his rocker to suggest that this... concoction...was Alejandro's favorite.

Normally, Jackson wouldn't care this much.  He'd rarely tried this hard when wooing any women.  Then again, they'd been easy to entice in America.  Paris had given him the freedom to explore... other tastes.  And suddenly it was worth it.  Alejandro, his young Spanish...friend, Jackson grinned at Gaston's use of the word, was definitely worth the effort.

He flipped through his notes and sketches again, trying to figure out what went wrong.