Closed RP w/animegirlsmansion

Princess Celestia decided to pay her student for a visit. Spend some time with her without going on a mission or talk about any royal stuff. Just to relax and have a good time with her. And she intends to do just that, especially with the surprise she has in store for her.

So, she suggested they go to the beach and picked out a perfect spot to relax. With no one around to interrupt them. “Here we are. What do you think of this place?” she asked before removing her robe to reveal her swimsuit, which showed off her body.

Closed RP w/cascadeofmuses

Kara was excited for the chance to work with another superhero, especially someone who she can become friends with. And someone who wasn’t a friend of her cousin, who she is assigned to work with to be her babysitter. 

She just has to make sure not to do anything that will cause their first meeting to go awkwardly. She soon arrives to where she’s supposed to meet her partner and looks around. Hoping she’ll make a good first impression. She spots a girl nearby and assumes she’s her partner.

“Excuse me, young ma’am. Are you Tatsumaki?” she asked unaware of the other’s true age.