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New Moon in Aries!

Venus in Aries!

Mercury in Aries!

Sun in Aries!


There is a vibrant, fiery energy with this new moon, which may feel weird and conflicting with Venus currently in Aries. Venus (ruled by Libra) wants to talk it out and resolve problems diplomatically, meanwhile Aries (which is ruled by Mars) is all action and passion. Venus is exiled in Aries, this isn’t necessarily a BAD thing, it just feels out of place, like having the right shoe on the left foot.


Meanwhile, Mercury is still in Aries which brings reactive communication. Try not to be too impulsive and don’t take things personally. Adventurous thoughts and creative ideas are at the forefront of our minds, which can be a wonderful change of pace for some. It truly feels like SPRING is in the air, and with it, change!


New Moons are dark, introspective times for us to set our goals and intentions while giving thanks for all we’ve received. Good rituals to do during this time include writing your intentions down/ journaling, meditating, soaking in a bath and cleansing your space. That includes altars as well as any divination tools you may have (crystals, decks, etc). I know I’ve mentioned this often in the last few posts but the overriding message I keep getting is, CLEAN YOUR SPACE.


You cannot invite new blessings or energy into your life until you clear out all the old and stagnant energy still residing with you. It’s an exchange, you have to give in order to receive. Sometimes we unknowingly block OURSELVES by not taking stock of what’s really holding us back, in the haste to welcome something new. Use this time to do a true spring cleaning. Donate, give away, sell what no longer serves you. It’s easy to become a hoarder, especially coming out of a worldwide pandemic. There is a lot of fear that motivates these impulses and it’s important to recognize that and not let it control you.


Of course, this doesn’t just apply to physical possessions. People, places, habits, the way we think and speak are all things we can and do hold onto out of fear and complacency. Remember, comfort zones are just that: comfortable. Nothing grows there, it just stays the same. In the end it’s not a loss on your part, you’re simply making room for the next, best thing. Think of it as finally letting go and paying it forward. What no longer serves you can be exactly what someone else is looking for! Sometimes our own vision stops us from seeing the big picture because we are too busy focusing on one specific thing. We assume we know what’s best for us because we are focused on a single goal and ruled by our ego. Sometimes we just gotta let go and trust that even if the outcome isn’t EXACTLY what we wanted, it is in fact, what’s best for us.


In a nutshell: Clean! Make room for new energy! Be open and receptive to change.

Use: solar plexus stones (yellow calcite, citrine, pyrite, tiger’s eye, etc)



Cleansing is the act of removing unwanted/negative energy from a person, place, or thing. Cleansing is a gentler form of removal than banishing. Instead of forcefully banishing an entity/influences, you are simply removing the bonds at which hold the energy onto said person, place, or thing.

This process is useful in making sure you, your living space, and objects are clear of energy that could disturb/harm you. Cleansing is typically used for creating a blank slate on whatever you choose to cleanse, in order to fuse your own energy onto it.

First, you need to decide what needs to be cleansed, then you pick what method you are going to use to cleanse. There are many methods, including..

Smoke cleanse








Once you've chosen your method of cleansing, it's time to actually do it. Remember to use your intention when cleansing, otherwise, you're just wafting smoke over a candle.

After cleansing, it is best to charge your new intent into whatever it is you cleansed.

My recommendation for cleansing your home/space is once every week, just to be sure you don't have any stagnant energy lingering.

You should always cleanse new tools when you get them, as you don't know who touched and imprinted their energy on the item last.

!!White sage is considered a closed practice unless you are indigenous, please remember that!!

I took this picture at the end of 2020, close to the beginning of 2021. I was hurting deeply here. Still trying to hold onto any kind of happiness that I had. It was hard, but I'm glad that I didn't give up. I pushed through. And now I am the happiest that I have ever been. I love that for me. I deserve genuine happiness.

- Tavi

How and when to cleanse your tarot deck

It's very important, especially if you sell readings, to keep your deck nice and clean. Working with energy means that a part of it can always remain in the deck and come back later to affect your readings. Your deck deserves love and care 💖

🧚‍♀️ When 🧚‍♀️

  • After readings. I recommend this one for bigger readings or those that drained you out of energy. If you sell readings or do them for strangers, I would say after every reading.
  • If cards from the previous reading show up in the current one (more than one). This basically means there is energy left from the other reading and it can interfere with the outcome of the current spread.
  • When you buy a new deck. Anyone who touched it can leave their energetic imprint on it and even if that is not the case, cleansing the deck helps you start with a fresh energy.
  • If you are in a bad mood/state. I personally think every reader who practices tarot at least once in a while has a connection with the cards and your energy alone can impact the reading.
  • The readings are unclear/confusing. This can be the result of many mixed-up energies.
  • When you haven't used your deck in a while. Old energy that has to go!!
  • Someone else touches the deck. While this is good if you are reading for the person that did it, you can't let anyone else touch it. As mentioned above, energetic imprint.

🧚‍♀️ Ways/Methods 🧚‍♀️

  • Knock on the deck three times. I do this before every single reading as it's quite simple.
  • Shuffle while imagining the energy leaving the deck.
  • Put a crystal on top of it and leave it for a while. Crystals I recommend : black tourmaline, rose quartz, amethyst, clear quartz, smoky quartz.
  • Leave it in the moonlight throughout the night. I've seen a lot of people doing it on full moons which makes sense.
  • Pass it through candle/incence/sage smoke.
  • Put in the middle of a circle of salt and leave it there for a while.
  • You can also leave it in the sunlight as well.
  • Meditate with the intention of cleansing while having physical contact with the deck.
  • I've also seen people organizing their decks by suits. I personally don't do this but everyone has different ways of doing things so try whatever feels good to you!

Cleansing the Home w/ Incense

Clearing with Incense:

Sage is a popular choice but Cedar, Dragon's Blood, and Frankincense are great too!


1) First tidy up some clutter so energy can move freely. Then open your windows and front door to allow the negativity to leave.

2) Pick a starting point away from the front door. If there are multiple floors, work your way down to every room, and to the front door.

3) As you're cleansing hold the intention or say aloud that negative energies, spirits, entities, feelings, and thoughts are released and removed. Then imagine all the negativity exiting your home.