Don’t procrastinate.

  • Start cleaning today to make your home better, yourself better, and tomorrow better, too.
  • You’ll thank yourself, feel better about yourself, and feel better about your home; I always do.

Not sure where to start with housework?

Here are 10 basic housework tasks I do seven days a week:

  1. Descale tea kettle
  2. Make bed & refresh blanket in dryer
  3. Make meals & ice
  4. Pet the cats & put food/water out
  5. Prep coffeemaker & tea kettle for the morning
  6. Refill Berkey water filter
  7. Set-up morning dishes & vitamins
  8. Vacuum entire house
  9. Wash dishes
  10. Wipe: bathroom mirror & faucet handle; gadgets; kitchen counters/stovetop

Stop Procrastinating and Start Cleaning: Housework Inspiration for Beginners and Procrastinators

8. Clean Hands, Hampers, and Machines:

I always wash my hands after handling dirty laundry to help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

  • Dirty laundry isn’t just dirty; it’s germy and can be filled with unseen bacteria, especially clothing that touches genital areas.
  • I have included a couple links below from and that shed more light on what’s in dirty laundry.

When it comes to clean hampers and machines, I use OdoBan, a hospital-approved disinfectant.

  • I spray the hampers when they are empty, and the tops of my machines throughout the week.
  • Once a week I use a cleaning cloth soaked in OdoBan disinfectant to wipe down both the insides and outsides of the washing machine and dryer, plus the laundry basket.

Here is my schedule for cleaning the washing machine:

Friday, weekly machine care:

  • wipe down washer and dryer (inside & out) with disinfectant.
  • wipe down laundry basket with disinfectant.

Quarterly, every three months:

  • clean the inside of the washing machine with vinegar and baking soda (link below).

Helpful Laundry Tips that Keep Me Organized and Healthy

5. Paying attention to how long it takes: when I see that it only takes 10 minutes to vacuum half my house, it helps me realize that it doesn’t take that much longer to do the whole house.

  • Housework does not take forever and that’s why it’s important to keep track of time to prove that it doesn’t take forever.
  • My house is a little over 1,000 square feet and no stairs; if I had a larger house I would still vacuum in sections so that every week the entire house is vacuumed, but probably not focus on the whole house every day if it’s too overwhelming.  

2. Staying calm and relaxed while cleaning: 

Being comfortable helps me stay calm and relaxed, but so does listening to something that doesn’t overexcite me. 

I’ve learned that listening to certain music doesn’t help me because it gets me more pumped up than I need to be and it makes me focus on the music more than the work I’m doing; the same goes for listening to the news or anything that doesn’t make me feel good or make me laugh.

It’s Good to Have a Good Attitude When Doing Housework: Helpful Tips from a GenX Housewife

Every three months I clean my washing machine.

This article recommends every 6 months, but due to the age of my machine I prefer cleaning it every 3 months.

I follow the instructions in this article which includes cleaning instructions for both front loaders and top loaders.

Anonymous asked:

Cleaning tips? Please I need to clean my room

Ooh!!! Okay I'm really bad at getting things done but I'll try to compile all the Things I know.

  • Start in sections. Work on your bed, then your dresser, pick up any clothing on the floor/furniture, don't overwhelm yourself by looking at the whole thing like "I need to do all of this" look at it like "This needs to be done, but it's all a lot of little things I could do pretty easily."
  • If you have something that needs to go in a specific location that's blocked off for the moment, don't put it back where you found it. Set it on top of your dresser, or a cleared area to remind yourself to put it away properly.
  • I cannot stress this enough, if you are going to wipe a surface down you take everything off it that you can and set it aside beforehand, it'll be so much easier.
  • If you have an organizational system, follow it while cleaning! Even if you don't feel like doing it then, it'll help future you.
  • Put on some music if you're feeling too much pent up energy while you clean! Feel free to pause and dance a little, it'll make you happy and make the whole process a lot more fun.
  • For the love of all that is holy please check for water/other liquid spots before putting things down, this seems like a weird thing but if you accidentally spill some water in a corner and it's just damp there for a while because you never wiped it up it can get mold and become detrimental to your health.
  • If you feel burnt out, take a 5-10 minute break, look at some memes, watch people be dumb, then get back to it. Not too long, though, or you might lose all motivation to do the Thing!
  • Shoving things under your bed is a temporary fix! You should have places for all of your stuff, if you don't, you should find a place for it so it makes it easier to put away in the future.

A Low-Energy Way to Clean Your Desk

Do you ever look at your desk and think "I cannot sit here if the mess continues to be here" but you have chronic fatigue and/or executive dysfunction (or anything else)?

[ID: An atrociously messy desk with the surface barely visible under layers of papers, pens, notebooks, and empty dishes. There's a large monitor on the left and a laptop sitting on a laptop stand in the center. Papers are sticking out of the laptop stand's drawer. A large crochet project takes up most of the right desk, in front of a binder and several books. A drawstring bag and a sequin dinosaur sit on the right edge of the desk. // End ID]


(Steps for how to fix it is under the cut)

2. Laundry Hamper Organization:

I bought a compartmentalized laundry hamper on wheels and love it. 

  • It has three bags and I divide them up by clothes, towels, and whites.
  • I also have a homemade bag that hangs on the side of the wheeled hamper for microfiber cloths and another stand-alone hamper for delicate/gentle items.
  • I keep my laundry hamper for mop pads in the 'office' where I store my steam mop when not in use along with all the steam mop accessories. 

All laundry items have a designated hamper so that the laundry is sorted before it’s even washed.

  • This helps because it takes less time to get laundry going instead of waiting to separate everything when it is dirty.

Plus, it’s healthful to have certain items, like underwear, separated and not comingled with towels.

  • I still have to do some separating, but it is minimal and goes quickly (I’ll explain how & why I do this in the next tips).

It’s an easy system to follow too; my husband knows where to put his dirty clothes and that’s all he has to do to help me with laundry.

  • There are never dirty clothes on the floor because that is what hampers are for.
  • Leaving dirty clothes on floors can cause more germs to spread.

Helpful Laundry Tips that Keep Me Organized and Healthy