Sometimes I wonder,

Into the unknown,

Wandering, escaping,

On my own, alone.

Contemplating curiously,

Of the dark and twisted,

Falling like Alice,

Unsure if I existed.

The task of existing,

In itself is a bore,

Without a purpose,

There has to be more.

Maybe this life is merely,

All an exam, or a test,

If it’s all just a grade,

It leaves me unimpressed.

It’s the fear of the unknown,

I don’t understand,

Then again I have lived,

The life of the damned.

I’m not scared to die,

Yet it does make me think,

I’m just a blink, a wink,

On the brink of a drink.

I do understand,

Life is nothing to throw,

But even from a dead body

Flowers can grow.

That could be all I am,

A garden, a scam,