eyes that only dream of you, bore holes in others searching for anything that remotely belongs to you.

i’ll see yellow and think of you, even if the only reason is because i gazed at you and was reminded of the sun.

i’ll see begonias drooping over baskets, and i'll think of how your words linger in my mind, long after you’ve spoken.

i only see you.

warmth in october mornings.

and then, you –   picturesque, plaited hair unfurled into loose curls in mid-slumber, free-falling in warm dreams like a child jumping into a pile of leaves in autumn. the light, a bard, drunkenly stumbles into the room singing love songs, painting you delicately in the light, only a cold october morning can offer. i gravitate towards your eyes, wanting to kiss the sleep away, but i pull back hovering over your forehead in a moment of hesitation. in this moment, the bard and i drink merrily in ode to you.   and then, you wake –   setting my heart ablaze once more.  

You keep asking me if I'm real.  Darling, put your hand on my heart and tell us both the truth. Place your palm on my chest, feel the trust in my heartbeat and trust in my heartbeat.

is this what it feels like to be in love?

honey & lemon

a plucked tongue, uprooted and transplanted in foreign lands before the seed was sown – smatters between two languages, searching for the right words to string into verses but language is limited, and you are not.   i carried your sun in my heart, hemorrhaging eternal sunshine from my intercoastal spaces. you doused your sunsets and sunrises with shades of black – warning others of a stark world, but you and i know the intimate truth. you’ve tired of complete strangers swaying the moon closer and throwing your tides in disarray.   an overflowing stream; the jasmines you carry are brimming with dreams. i whisper-sing the songs of a lark, attempting to rouse the dreams unabated. your moon rolls across your ocean in response, a pearl that slipped from oysters.   where breath collides with life, where stillness becomes poetry,   you will be found 

and i'll bite into a lemon souring me back to my world.