🇵🇸#Palestine || The moment when Palestinians managed to rescue a trapped little girl under the rubble of her home that bombed by occupation warplanes in Gaza. In The last update, 59 Palestinian children were killed during the ongoing Israeli aggression on Gaza. ‎لحظة إنقاذ طفلة من ركام منزلها المدمر في غزة. حيث أست.شهد 59 طفل خلال العدوان المستمر على غزة آخر تحديث لوزارة الصحة. #charity #oneummah #gaza #palestine #somalia #syria#ramadan #islamicreminders #invitetoislam #makkah #kaaba #salah #sunnah #quotes #reminders #namaz #thetruth #islam #beautyofislam #alhamdulillah #muslim (at Gaza Strip,Palestine) https://www.instagram.com/p/CO--GBwpVYY/?igshid=c04wkgcy8sim

Radio Free Monday

Good morning everyone, and welcome to Radio Free Monday! Ways to Give: walburgablack linked to Mutual Aid India, a resource list of ways to give to COVID relief in India, including urgent needs, and the ability to filter for overseas donors. daydream-gemz continues to face severe and ongoing financial difficulties due to welfare benefits being under a review, which is due to worsening mental health and the UK’s controversial changes to how benefits are assessed and assigned. Updates are available at the main blog; you can donate via PayPal or via Ko-fi. Anon linked to a fundraiser for digi_dolls, who is raising funds to cover family medical expenses; her grandparents and aunt are all currently hospitalized from an attempted murder by a family member. You can read more and support the fundraiser here. Recurring Needs: morgynleri and two friends, all queer, neurodiverse artists, are raising funds to get a septic system put in, so that they can build a home; they have money for the land and can finance a building but they need funding specifically for the septic, which has to be installed by a contractor. You can read more and support the fundraiser here. Katy linked to grrlcookery, who is raising funds for rent and dealing with blown tires on their car. You can read more, reblog, and find giving info here or give via paypal or via Ko-Fi. And this has been Radio Free Monday! Thank you for your time. You can post items for my attention at the Radio Free Monday submissions form. If you're new to fundraising, you may want to check out my guide to fundraising here.

For those of you who don't know about the app - ShareTheMeal is great for donating to causes. It's a part of the UN WFP and you can donate to provide meals to those who need it and you can donate to specific causes like right now there's:

1. A project to support families in palestine

2. Emergency aid in india

3. Help families in Yemen

And more in Syria, Congo, etc.

I've been using it for over a year now and it's super easy to use, payments are easy too. I generally only use it to donate to causes outside my own country since I know more local non profits here that need funding but for international causes this has been great.

There's also an option of gift donations if you have loved ones who would appreciate that!

"Number 8 out of 14 Werewolves by Licos"

"I Don't Need Therapy - I Just Need to Get Hugged in Public by Fourteen Werewolves"

-- from the "This should have been on the T-Shirt" department

This picture is part of a larger one with 14 other werewolves, just spending a good time together. It was made by Licos ( https://www.furaffinity.net/user/licos ) and you can find the full picture of everyone here: https://twitter.com/WizLicos/status/1314345438519066624

Source: href.li

🇵🇸#Palestine || Israeli occupation forces use a drone to drop tear gas at Palestinian protesters on the northern entrance of Al Berih city. By @hishamabushaqra قوات الإحتلال تستخدم طائرات مسيرة لإلقاء قنابل الغاز على الشبان في المدخل الشمالي لمدينة البيرة. 🇹🇷 #Filistin #Türkçe || İsrail işgal güçleri, Al Berih şehrinin kuzey girişinde Filistinli protestoculara göz yaşartıcı gaz atmak için bir drone kullandı. #charity #oneummah #gaza #palestine #somalia #syria#ramadan #islamicreminders #invitetoislam #makkah #kaaba #salah #sunnah #quotes #reminders #namaz #thetruth #islam #beautyofislam #alhamdulillah #muslim https://www.instagram.com/p/CO-KrsvJal7/?igshid=xdhnbcrnx6qw