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  • NAME :  Wanda Django Maximoff
  • EYE  COLOUR : green
  • HAIR  STYLE   /   COLOUR : it used to be dark brown, long, wavy. now its red-orange.
  • HEIGHT : 5‘6″
  • CLOTHING  STYLE :  it depends on her mood, she can go from a skirt, to jeans, to flowery dresses, to oversize sweaters, to beautiful gowns.
  • BEST  PHYSICAL  FEATURE : her eyes and her smile.
  • FEARS : losing her mind, mostly.
  • GUILTY  PLEASURE  : painting, dancing, baking, gardening, WITCHING.
  • BIGGEST  PET  PEEVE : pietro. jk, probably just tony stark.
  • FIRST  THOUGHTS  WAKING  UP : thinking about her schedule.
  • WHAT  THEY  THINK  ABOUT  MOST : her brother, her lover, her kids.
  • WHAT  THEY  THINK  ABOUT  BEFORE  BED : errands to run, things to do.
  • WHAT  THEY  THINK  THEIR  BEST  QUALITY  IS : her baking and her witching.
  • SINGLE  OR  GROUP  DATES : single.
  • TO  BE  LOVED  OR  RESPECTED :  loved AND respected.
  • BEAUTY  OR  BRAINS :  brains.
  • DOGS  OR  CATS :   cats! always cats.
  • LIE : used to.
  • BELIEVE  IN  LOVE : biggest motor.
  • WANT  SOMEONE : mostly family and lovers.
  • BEEN  ON  STAGE : no.
  • DONE  DRUGS : do the ones on hydra count?
  • CHANGED  WHO  THEY  WERE  TO  FIT  IN : well, just changed her ideals, but not to fit in, to do what was right.
  • FAVOURITE  COLOUR : scarlet red, red, pink, white.
  • FAVOURITE  BOOK : anything cheesy, or witchcraft books.
  • FAVOURITE  GAME : depends on mood.
𝙇𝘼𝙔𝙀𝙍  008 :   AGE .
  • DAY  THEIR  NEXT  BIRTHDAY  WILL  BE : haven’t decided, thinking about making her a sagittarius.
  • HOW  OLD  WILL  THEY  BE :  baby, still baby, always baby.
  • I LOVE : the stars, the moon, flowers, nature, pietro.
  • I  FEEL : lonely, trapped, tired.
  • I  HIDE : my losses.
  • I  MISS : my family.
  • I  WISH : people would stop judging me.

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Writing Broken Bones
For all of you who like to torture your OCs a little :)

First of all, you need to understand how does a bone work. I'll simplify it as much as I can because when I come across a post with all those complicated medical terms I just skip it so this will be simplified.


Bones are organs, they build your skeleton, produce red and white blood cells, store minerals, provide the structure and support for your body and they enable movement.

There are two types of bone tissue: compact bone and spongy bone.

Compact bone is there to provide structure, store minerals, and help to regulate the pH and mineral levels in the blood. Ligaments and skeletal muscles (muscles which move on will, not automatically) attach to it

Spongy bone is soft, and inside of it is bone marrow. Red bone marrow creates blood cells, and yellow bone marrow stores fat. Spongy bone is where blood vessels and nerves run through the bone, delivering nutrients.

The Femur (upper thigh bone) is the strongest bone in your body. The Sternum (chest bone attached to your ribs, not including falsies) is the weakest.

Types of Fractures

You have seven types of bone fractures.

  1. Comminuted Fracture - happens when a bone shatters into small pieces, happens to elderly and those with weak and brittle bones.
  2. Compression Fracture - bone is completely crushed, like if something was to fall on their leg and completely crush the bone
  3. Depressed Fracture - happens specifically on the skull, skull is fractured inwards, causing damage to the brain
  4. Impacted Fracture - happens when two broken parts of the same bone collapse on each other, could happen if your character is jumping from somewhere high and they land on their feet breaking the tibia (below the knee) two broken parts will be forced on one another causing more damage
  5. Spiral Fracture - bone being twisted so much it breaks
  6. Greenstick Fracture - bone being twisted but instead of a fracture going through the whole bone it just kinda splinters, like a... branch let's say
  7. Hairline Fracture - bone is cracked but nothing that dangerous, no parts separated

Now after this you have two types of fractures:

  1. Open Fractures (compound) - bone cutting through the skin – Much more dangerous
  2. Closed Fractures (simple) - bone stays where it was – Less dangerous

Handy things to know

If a piece of bone marrow gets inside the bloodstream it can block a blood vessel and block the heart throwing a person in a shock and/or cardiac arrest.

Bone is very sharp. It can cut through skin, organs and surrounding tissues. If a sharp, broken bone cuts the Femoral artery they will bleed to death.

Bone that cuts through the skin has a bigass chance of getting infected. (But the ones that stay inside have s chance of getting infected too)

To conclude, it hurts like hell. It hurts so much you can for sure faint. They could see whiteness before they collapse, they might feel numbness, dizziness

Bones that cut through skin will hurt a thousand times more.

Shock, cardiac arrest, possible death might occure.

Broken Ribs

Nasty things can happen here. A character who had just broken a rib will feel probably uncomfortable, but the discomfort will pass quickly and they may feel fine for some hours afterwards. They may not even realise.

After a few hours it will start to hurt badly and breathing may start to feel painful. Problems can occur when the injured person is breathing only shallowly because of the pain and not expanding their lungs fully, lungs can collapse as a result, causing pneumonia. What's interesting is that the breathing difficulties of a collapsed lung aren't what gets you - it's the air pressure that builds up in the chest cutting off the blood flow to the heart.

Broken ribs can also puncture a lung or even the heart with fatal results. A punctured lung would result in death within 3-15 minutes.

Happy Writing!


AU where instead of pretending they did the best they could to help me out of a bad friendship when I was a kid, my parents actually did anything at all lol like I'm just reflecting on how my best friend of like 8 years was the reincarnation of her bitter rude projecting self absorbed mother and my friend carried that into our relationship and constantly put me down, heightened my own insecurities dramatically, intentionally made me uncomfortable because she thought it was funny, and perpetually made me feel like I wasn't good enough and I was lucky she let me hang out with her at all.

And despite my parents saying they knew the kind of person she was going to be that whole time, they never explained why I shouldn't idolize her and how she was harming me and simply let me get hurt for 8 years until I realized it for myself lol.

It's not that big a deal like I wouldn't go so far as to call it an abusive friendship she was just a bitch and it wasn't necessarily her fault because she was so under the thumb of her mom who was just the rudest most self righteous person I've ever met, but still our friendship had a real impact on me and the way I saw myself and I was such a pushover for so so long because I didn't think I was worth friendship unless I was constantly giving myself to them. When the insults started getting more frequent, I saw it as me not being good enough for her and I cried for like months thinking I was unworthy, and that was the only time my parents stepped in to tell me that I was perfectly fine and she was the one who needed to do better.

And we stopped talking and I immediately went to trying to be friends with a girl on my track team who I really admired, and instead of true friendship I was in another situation of constantly being a doormat to her because I was desperate to feel wanted by the people I looked up to. And my parents knew that I was constantly bringing extra snacks and drinks for this girl to get her to like me and they just like. Didn't do a thing about it lol

And towards the very end of that school year I met someone who also just wanted a friend after being hurt, and she loved me for me and I loved her for her and we've been best friends for a decade now and I've learned what friendship should actually be like, and I learned it myself cause again my parents did nothing. But I do hold at least a lil resentment towards my fam for the fact that they let me be bullied for years because they thought the best course of action was that I figure it out for myself, but imagine all the pain and insecurity I could have avoided if they just sat down with me and told me what they saw in her and guided me through how she was being manipulative to me and how I should be treated instead. My mom said I wouldn't have listened but I was like a child and if they wanted to stop me from hanging out with her they had literally all the power to do so. They even stopped me from hanging out with several other friends who I loved because they didn't like their families and called them "trashy". Why didn't they do that for this friend? Her personality was far trashier than the others and yet my parents let me be with her for 8 years? Trashy to them meant poor, remarried parents and not manipulative stuck up harmful beasts lol

It's all completely over and done with and has been forever and I truly wish that friend the best and hope she's doing well and is living a fulfilled life, but just looking back on things I'm like. What if my parents helped me literally at all with that situation lmao