reality check

if the possibility of your fav getting into a relationship/having a partner is upsetting u in any sense then i'm sorry to break it to u but u were never into them for their music/talent in the first place.

this also directly means that u don't classify as a fan anymore and u are nothing but a stalker. support them for their music, get your hands off their personal lives.

kindly rethink your life decisions and know your limits.

Say it with me kids!

YOU. DON'T. HAVE. TO. BE. THERE. FROM. THE. BEGINING. TO. BE. A. TRUE. FAN. OF. SOMETHING. It doesn't matter if you liked the thing from the start or are just coming into liking the thing, whatever the "thing" may be that you are a fan of, ENJOY IT YO ❤

“If Brockhampton make you reassess everything you thought a boyband could be, things are going according to plan. While the crew lead with the music, they double as a self-sufficient creative agency. Alongside the singers, rappers and producers in their 14-man roster are designers, photographers and web developers (such as Robert Ontenient, who joined as a producer but taught himself code from scratch when the group needed a webmaster). 

There aren’t many, or perhaps any other boybands producing and mixing their own records, shooting and directing their own music videos, designing their own merch and stage sets. And there aren’t many boybands who look like Brockhampton – the majority of its members are men of colour – or whose lyrics reference giving guys head and coming out to their parents. In Junky, Abstract spells it out: “Why you always rap about being gay? ’Cause not enough niggas rap and be gay.”

“You’ll see publications being like, ‘self-proclaimed boyband’, or put ‘boyband’ in quotes. But why can’t we be that?” Hemnani asks. “The American idea of a boyband is, like, five straight, conventionally attractive white dudes. I come from a south Asian background, and I’m not supposed to be doing any of this. I’m supposed to be a doctor, or work at 7-Eleven, or be an engineer. So, even beyond the boyband thing, doing something out of the norm for my culture in general is big to me.”

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my first boy band experience was the Jonas Brothers. after that was One Direction, and then 5sos. J.B and 1D existed at the same time for a short period of time. 1D and 5sos existed at the same time for a period of time. And now, 5sos and J.B exist at the same time.

The prime three boy bands: Jonas Brothers, One Direction, and 5sos are too powerful and cannot all three coexist.

One Direction had to die so that the Jonas Brothers could come back and live on.

Don’t be surprised if 5sos dies off soon for a bit and 1D comes back. I don’t make the rules.