Day 65 of productivity. March 6th 2021.

Helped pick out a pair of glasses. Bought gifts for my friends. Ate good food. Took a nap before having Bible study. Worked on my physics lab again. Drank coffee which gave me a boost to start my third biology lab of the semester.

If Ahsoka and Boba were besties when they were young, I feel like Boba would kinda egg her on to do evil gremlin stuff.

Ahsoka : I’ve always wondered how durable are the clones armour...

Boba: chew it

Ahsoka : wouldn’t that be mean?

Boba : bite them

Ahsoka, remembering the myth of poisonous Togruta: but I’d kill them

Boba : Chomp them

Ahsoka : ok but who?

Boba : Chew Rex’s Vambrace

Ahsoka : But he’s wearing it?

Boba : if he’s wearing it, then you don’t have to worry on hurting him

Boba : now

Boba : D E W W I T