Some ideas for funny cakes that Bucky would buy for Sam (to mess with him on his b'day)

So I was brainstorming Sam Wilson Birthday Cake Ideas for a fic and I thought I'd include the notes I made here as a kind of special feature/bonus for my readers (if they're interested).

BTW, none of the ideas included here made the cut for the final fic so if you want to see what I actually did, click on the link below to give it a read. (I promise it's fun!)

Ideas for cakes that Bucky could potentially buy for Sam (to mess with him on his b'day):

Captain America (But that would play a bit too much into their arguments about the shield to be all that fun/funny imo.)

Spongebob Squarepants/Elmo/something obviously for kids (was my first idea honestly, but it feels lazy somehow) (scrapped)

A cake that is just a letter from Bucky to Sam, but like a really long winded one. Like, it's written in tiny lettering and goes on forever.

A vegetable loaf (like from Parks and Rec), but you know what Bucky’s not THAT mean actually

A cake that says “You were right about that thing from three weeks ago. Happy Birthday.” And that thing from three weeks ago was like the smallest argument they’ve ever had. Like Sam told Bucky that he looked weird in hats or something idk.

A cake that says “Happy Birthday and I love you.” Or a cake shaped like a heart. (That’s not exactly Bucky’s style. But maybe if it was in a joking/not joking way. Like some sort of "let's just pretend we're joking around when really this is dead serious, lol!" situation.)

The Winter Soldier (But no way they makes birthday cakes of him in the Marvel Universe, since he’s an assassin. Also that feels too cocky, and a little out of character for Bucky.)

A cake that just says "Happy Birthday Sam (p.s. i have to tell you something)" But Bucky won't tell Sam what it is that he has to tell him.

*I actually considered an erotic cake of some sort for around about two seconds… but I feel that the setting wouldn’t work for this fic. I don’t think Sarah would be on board with it. And that’s just a very different kind of story altogether.*

*I also literally just wrote down in my notes, “Something Sam hates”. I didn’t really get that far with that idea, because I don’t know what food Sam dislikes other than snake guts and you can’t exactly make something like “injustice” into a cake.*

If you want to see what cake Bucky actually got for Sam (which is not included on this list), then you can check out my fic. It's called Cake Duty, and it's linked above.

I'll see ya there my SamBucky besties! <3

John x Ashley: hugging for too long?


Thank you for submitting this amazing prompt! Not only did I manage to get a birthday fic done for John, I also managed to fit this in! From this prompt list!  Fic also available on AO3.

A huge thank you to @bardofheartdive for beta reading for me! You are simply amazing! 

Happy Birthday, Shepard!

Shepard is sitting at his desk in his cabin in the Normandy SR1. His chair is hard, uncomfortable, his back is sore, though that’s the least of his concerns; he feels like it should be Anderson in here and not him. His mind is unfocused, his thoughts keep going back to their mission on Feros a few days ago. The Thorian still churns his stomach as he remembers how it was controlling the colonist. It’s not the only thing keeping him distracted, there is an awful lot of commotion coming from the mess hall just outside his cabin, making it difficult to finish his report from their mission on Elatania this morning; those space monkeys were just a pain in the ass to deal with. Having Ashley and Liara giggle away at him while on all fours didn’t exactly help with his mood either.  He’s certainly not feeling like someone who spent months and months on end through a grueling program to achieve N7, but more like a serviceman grunt at this moment. 

"What in the devil's work is going on?!"

Frustrated, he flicks his stylus onto his desk, then stands up, makes his way to his door and steps into the mess hall. He’s not one to usually lose his temper, but the persistent migraine he’s had the last past two days after receiving the cypher on Feros has been driving him insane. The commotion was just making it worse, souring his mood that much more. 

There is an unusually large crowd, most of whom should be working, gathered around the tables. Plates, cups, bottles of varied drinks, beer, and bowls full of different snacks were set on the tables. 

Ashley and Kaidan are at the kitchen counter, their backs facing him. They are in the middle of sniggering at something Shepard clearly missed out on. 

He walks up behind them very quietly, his head peering over their shoulders.

"What are you two doing?"

Ashley yelps, dropping her spatula. Kaidan jumps slightly at the unexpected visitor, face turning red from embarrassment, his expression resembling that of a kid getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar, knowing very well they aren't supposed to do that. Looks like two squadmates forgot they have an infiltrator among them. 

Ashley turns to face Shepard, a guilty look on her face, icing splattered on her cheeks and the tip of her nose.