some beard growth tips

hey so i have pretty much a Whole Beard™️ now even tho a year ago i had exactly 8 chin hairs so i wanna talk about some things ive found really helpful on my bearding quest

- personally i believe the biggest difference came from Minoxidil applied 2x a day to the lower face. this can greatly speed up your facial hair growth & make your existing hair grow thicker and fuller. once a day also has benefits, but ive seen the most results from applying twice a day. ppl seem to be really misinformed about side effects, ive never experienced any dryness, redness, hair loss etc in the year and a half of using it off and on.

- take a multivitamin with vitamin Bs, biotin, & keratin. these help with healthy hair growth (and strong nails lol)

- related to above, but eat healthy foods! put good in and get good out 🙌🏻 veggies and fruits rich in vitamins are best for healthy hair

- grow it out for as long as you think you can stand it, then another month. if it becomes truly unruly/stringy and gross, TRIM!! DONT SHAVE CLEAN!!! not all hairs grow at the same rate or to the same length, and trimming to a reasonable length can actually make your beard look fuller

- if you grow hair but theres lots of blonds (like less than 1/2 blonde) try a beard dye like Just For Men. match the tone to your head hair/darker facial hair & follow the instructions on the package👌🏻

- if you’re transitioning on testosterone like i am, make sure you’re taking your doses on time and get your levels checked regularly! too much or too little testosterone can negatively impact transition changes, including facial hair growth!

lets grow some beards yall 🙌🏻🧔🏻

I need beard growth advice!


I think the best thing when growing out a beard, is to let it grow although it may not fill in. It’s best to have a great barber on your team bc a professional can lessen the transition from Anthony Hamilton to Rick Ross. Here are some tags to search:

Styles for if your beard doesn’t grow in

Let me know if this helps