hello again from the seafoam/penny/moss family, long time no see!! i just wanted to show you what my gf got for me for valentine’s day! it’s sage dragon and christopher caterpillar! i love them so much!!! i think i’ll keep their names this time, sage and christopher are already very fitting :-D

they were super late due to the awful snowstorms here in usa, but they were so worth the wait! here’s a picture of them all together :-) sage and moss are very good friends as you can see, and sage matches my gf’s dexter dragon so i can’t wait to take pics of them together when i get to see her in a couple months!

as always, thanks for running this blog, you’re very sweet and you’re also almost the entire reason i have a jellycat collection now!


I agree, the names are very fitting. Congrats on your new Jellycats, you have a wonderful little collection! Thank you for sharing this photo with me! 

Hey, I'm actually posting art here! Wow!! Who remembers my March Mammal Madness art? Well, it's that time of year again, and, thanks to an early reveal game, I can share a tiny bit of art I've made for it! Round 1 art for the white-winged vampire bat!

I actually got to choose this species as a competitor, myself! As a result, I may have gone a little Extra on her round 1 artwork.... but still, she's my baby and I wanted her to look her best! <3