Can we just take a moment to appreciate this hot mess? Lorenzo Guzmán is the guinea pig Sim I’m testing Basemental’s amazing drug mod with.

Lorenzo lives in Oasis Springs and is a successful fashion photographer.

He also smokes marlboros, drinks vodka & soda, does coke, pops adderall and xanax, and lights up the occasional bong of home-grown sativa. Oh, and sleeps with his models, male and female.

How could I not be having fun???

Basemental Drugs Dec. 2020 Update is Awesome!!


Changing World

  • Changed prices on a regional basis
  • New MDMA batches on the streets


  • Added a bunch of new papers and blunt wraps
  • Available from headshop
  • Added tooltips for papers/wraps left
  • Added geo states to papers when rolling
  • Added joint/blunt rolling skill
  • Fixed missing rolling animations


  • Fixed glitch with weird tea buff appearing from steroids
  • Added optional Windows installer

****My Fave New BMD Update****(Drum roll please, for the...)

Rolling Skill

Whenever your Sim rolls a blunt or joint, they will build their rolling skill. It's a mini skill with a maximum of 5 levels.

Here are the level perks per level:

  • Level 1 - You just gained the skill
  • Level 2 - You get a happy buff for decently rolled spliffs
  • Level 3 - You get 2 spliffs for 1 bud
  • Level 4 - You get a confident buff for perfectly rolled spliffs
  • Level 5 - You get 3 spliffs for 1 bud

Also need to give a huge shoutout and loads of credit to the amazing ravasheen for creating these new blunt wraps and smoking paper objects.

back when I first downloaded the sims 4 I had sex ONE (1) TIME and immediately got pregnant and I was sooooo mad lmao.  I couldn’t figure out how to terminate them using cheats or anything so I carried to term and genuinely tried to care for that child but I was so over it after like a few sim days so I didn’t feed it and let Them Folks come and take him away lmao.  Then after that every time I had sex I got pregnant AGAIN so I then I tried a nanny but it was still too much so I let like three more kids get taken away before I found wicked whims which has an option to abort.  by then I was completely OVER pregnancy in the sims entirely so I made my main sim infertile.  anyways moral of this story is that I’m playing with a new couple and she just gave birth so we’re gonna see how long I can play as parents before I get bored/annoyed and let Them Folks come and confiscate these twins again lmfao