I was having brunch with Thanos and then he stood up and said, "The power is too strong," and ran away. In through the door comes Barry Goldberg with a throne floating behind him. The throne gets put in the place of Thanos' throne. Then Barry turned into my brother and held us hostage. We were in a kitchen and I walked out on the balcony and two of my friends were outside. One was swimming in a pool and the other was on her phone. I screamed, "Call the police!!" "Why?" My brother came out from a lower deck and started circling the pool like a lion until my friend insulted his clothes, so he jumped into the pool trying to drown him. They were wrestling and friend #2 was yelling, "AAAAAAAAAAAA WHAT DO I DOOOO??!" And I was sitting there like, "Call the cops!" My brother got out of the pool and he walked away and my friend kept swimming and I woke up.