Just wondering, whats the most difficult piece you've ever played?


Band wise:

anything with constant important mallet percussion basically lol, but probably Foundry playing timpani & learning the mallet part for The Inferno

Jazz wise: drumset-

1. Giant steps, if you know. You know. Mostly the speed.

2. Afrocuban & latin rhythms are my weakest point. I can play them but ugh it took a while semester of lessons to geta grip on just the basic patterns

Musical theater wise:

1. The Temple -drumset (Jesus christ superstar) due to the 7/8 that gradually speeds up. And I was so bad at odd meter at the time

2. Schuyler Sister's - Hamilton - drumset

Took me a while to get the correct rhythm on the drums the way Andre played it on the cast recording. But I got it down after a couple weeks of gridnding

Quotes From Band Kids Part 2

“At least if we start crying there will be more fabric to catch our tears.”- Piccolo

*randomly plays Rockin Around the Christmas Tree*- Tenor Sax

*randomly does ballet*- Drum Major

Me: *crunches dot card*

Piccolo: “ASMR- dot card crunch.”

Violin: “I hated that

“Does everyone have their flutes inserted? [INTO OUR FLUTE MASKS CAUSE COVID I PROMISE!]”- Flute Section Leader

“We have like, a single brain cell, and it’s probably crying about some sort of science.” -Piccolo

“They’re not standing still. They’re like babies.” -Drum Major

Quotes From Band Kids

Band Director: “I said measures 1-15.”

Sax Player: “Wait, all of it? All the notes?”

Flute Section Leader: “You guys expect me to actually act like a section leader and know what I’m doing?”

Me: “It’s more fun if you don’t”

Somebody interviewing for a video or something: “How’s it going?”

Flute Player: “Good.”

Interviewer: “Are you cold?”

Flute: “Yes.”

Interviewer: “Correct.” *moves on to next person and asks them the same questions*