Hey I would just like to politely remind people, anons or not, it is not your job to correct grammar/plot in someone’s writing unless:

A: they asked for help/opinions from you or their readers in general

B: you know them well enough you can do it kindly or are their Beta

Otherwise it can come off incredibly rude, and you risk really hurting someone. Considering how very little positive feedback some fics get, all that author will see is your correction. Please be respectful and remember to tell authors when you enjoy their work through a message, comment, or anon!

Tough Choice

Square filled : Fear of Deep Water

Summary : You and your brothers decide the mode of transport for a case

Pairings : Dean x sister reader x Sam (platonic)

Warnings : some siblings banter and that's it

Word Count : 569

Created for @spnmixedbingo

A/n : I had this idea out of nowhere while going through my bingo cards. So, here it is ta-da. Unbeta'd so mistakes are all mine. Gif by @dontknowmyname215