A bit of an extra project I’ve been working on for a bit. I’d add Connor’s, but including his native heritage into his armor to make it really his is a lot more difficult than I was expecting. I’ll keep at it though. Really proud of Edward’s though.


In Life, there are some things we might never really ‘get over.’

Sometimes the Best We Can Do is Just ‘get through.’

But That’s Okay- There’s Still a Lot of Beauty to Find on the Other Side.

Okay, so maybe I felt bad for leaving his story off so hopeless. I may be a merciless bastard, but I’m not completely heartless. The way I see stories is “it’s not truly a happy ending unless you’ve spent your life crawling through the deepest pits of hell hoping to get it.” That’s how I work. So if you see some of the stuff I decide to do later, be ready. I’m gonna be putting these characters through some real messed up crap. But do not fret, for it will work out for them in the end.
We all know Arno wasn’t fast enough to save Élise from the blast... but what would have happened if he WAS?

What if just before the Sword detonated, he was able to throw her out of the way but couldn’t save himself in time? Imagine a horrified Élise, realizing that the one man she never wanted to involve in this was now Germain’s final victim. Imagine her frantically hauling his unconscious form out of that temple, taking him to the Assassins for any hope of saving him. Regardless of their differences, they still let the former Assassin inside for treatment, and only after everything calmed down did they tell her that...

They saved what they could. However, his eyesight was too far gone to be retrieved.

Imagine Arno waking up once more and realizing that even though he was wide awake, everything was still dark. Imagine the unspeakable horror as he realized that he may never see again, and having to be held down by his former comrades to keep his delicate wounds from getting any worse. Imagine the hopelessness Arno must feel having one of his valuable senses stolen away from him, feeling pointless like an eagle without wings. Imagine Élise making herself known, but instead of sobbing in her arms, he screams at her, blaming her for the fact that she’d left him trapped under debris, demanding why she hadn’t just waited a few goddamn seconds for him. Imagine the deathly silence the following days after, the once hysterical man now still, keeping his eyes closed from a blind hope that if he kept them closed long enough, when he’d open them, he’d see his room again and everything would have just been a terrible nightmare that he could laugh about later. Yet whenever he tried, it was still black, and no matter how much he wished it, he would never see that rainy sky again.


unity is so fucking captivating wtf. like i just realized that arno is the LOVE INTEREST

what i mean is, it’s subverting a trope. elise is the one focused on the mission and on the target, and arno is the one focused on love and feelings. he is HER love interest. not the other way around. arno is the main character but elise is the force behind the plot. “i thought we wanted the same thing.” “what i wanted was you.”


Playing with some Assassin’s Creed around

I come from finishing AC: Syndicate,  AC: Unity, AC 2 and AC Black Flag (in that order) and I wanted to do a review for each of the new AC that I’m playing/have played, but I feel like it would drag on for too long, so here are some general thoughts:

  • Assassin’s Creed is a cool franchise. Period.
  • I liked Syndicate when I first played it (was my first AC), but with each new installment that I play, I see how lackluster it is and how much they played safe with the plot and characters. I still like it, though, but I do understand why people don’t like it much. I did a review here, though in retrospective I’d change some things I wrote. 
  • Unity is still to this day my fave AC and I doubt I’ll change my mind about it, because I have too many personal reasons to love it, as I stated in my review. MOVING ON.
  • Finished Assassin’s Creed 2. I heard only good things about this game. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would, and that’s mainly due to the old gameplay that didn’t age well at all. Parkour in this game is a pain, it’s NOT fun to climb stuff, enemies have an aggro so big the whole city chases you down because you fell on your wrong foot, fighting is dreadfully slow, enemies are HP sponges, Ezio is a Gary Stu (I’ll die on this hill) and the plot was very confusing at some points, like it was losing its north with all these random assassinations. Also, as I played the remaster, sequences 12 and 13 are compulsory now, and 13 was just. A. Nightmare. Filler after filler of things that didn’t add anything to the plot. Also it feels so disjointed since Ezio has that very nice speech about the cycle of vengeance and whatnot, but when you look back you’re like ??? dude at what point did you have that character development?? it’s just so sudden and forced. I did enjoy the music A LOT, the OST is top notch, and the graphics, specially those of water and edifices, are still amazing, even to this day. I also enjoyed the Assassin’s tombs, because it was THERE when I felt all the adventure thing I was expecting to find, and because it had such a Prince of Persia aura and vibes. I do see the origins of the franchise there. 
  • Started playing AC Brotherhood, and it already feels like such an improvement from its predecessor, with that great opening. Though I put it on halt because I got, like, super tired of Ezio as main character. And the parkour is still painful. Rome looks nice tho. 
  • Finished Black Flag. At first I wasn’t quite into the ship battles (I have Kingdom Hearts 3 war flashbacks), and the music seemed like a rip off of Pirates of the Caribbean. I also got really lost in regards to characters, I never knew most of them by name, only by faces, but I guess I wasn’t paying too much attention. And the fact that the Assassins barely have an appearance in this game kinda put me off. But - and this is a big but - I grew fond of Edward, his crew, his friends, the inspiration he became to many of his comrades, and the ending is so beautiful and well crafted. It’s a great pirate game, not so much an Assassin’s Creed one, You do live the pirate fantasy, and I’m amazed at how much you can actually do: this game is huge, with a huge map, multiple cities, treasure chests, treasure maps, collectibles, hunting whales or sharks, plundering ships, taking down entire forts - it does reward exploration. For a game that belonged to the PS3, some more modern installments pale in comparison. 
  • Started AC III, and I’m actually too interested in it. I’ve always had an interest in Connor as he’s a native american, and I want to see his perspective in the American Revolution. But I’m still at the beginning with Haytham, and, although I don’t find him annoying and his relationship with Zio is growing on me, I do want to move on from this part and enjoy Connor as main character. I’m in sequence 3 and I’m still playing as Haytham, and it makes me wonder - when will I see a full assassin Connor in this game? By sequence 5? Considering that I know you play with him as a child and then as a teenager, when do you truly become an assassin and start playing with the real protagonist? Mind you, the game has like ten or eleven sequences only, so it seems kind of unfair for our poor Connor to be on the cover of the game, yet he receives less screentime than other main characters in other installments. Of the little part I’ve played, I can already tell this game improved so much on parkour from the Ezio’s trilogy, and I’m so glad they did: Haytham moves smoothly and there’s flow in his movements. Thank god. Also when you fight you actually feel like you’re damaging your opponent. All improvements are welcomed. 
  • Watched Rogue’s cutscenes, since I wasn’t interested in acquiring it, the price doesn’t seem to be worth it. Besides, I only wanted to see how the Kenway saga paves the way for the next set of games with Unity. From what I saw, I thought the game would be different: I expected new mechanics as you play with a Templar, but alas, it’s a copy paste of Black Flag, only that with snowy environments. 
  • Tried to watch AC I’s cutscenes, but I grew too bored. Might give it a try again, because I want to honor Altaïr, without hating him for the gameplay, since I can clearly see I will hate it even more than Ezio’s parkour. Then again, it’s not the game’s fault, but its age the problem. 
  • Once I’m done with all this, I do want to try some of the newer. From all three (Origins, Odyssey and Valhalla), Odyssey is gaining extra points with each thing I see about it. I want to play as Kassandra so bad! But the open world doesn’t draw my attention too much, and the “options” in dialogues + romancing options do feel like we’re drifiting from an AC game to a Dragon Age or a Witcher game - which I love, but, idk if they fit in an AC game. I will give it a try before judging too harshly, though.

Those are my general thoughts. I’m really into the franchise right now. I don’t like how Ubisoft is treating its female characters, but I guess I will leave that aside and play Liberation instead. Let’s see how Valhalla fairs. 


My friend convinced me to play AC Unity after being majorly let down by Black Flag (6 years late I know).

Finished the game within 2 days and I haven’t been this emotional since Ezio went to Masyaf to „meet“ Altair. I absolutely loved the star-crossed lovers concept. Paris gave me Süskind’s Perfume vibes, soundtrack set a perfect atmospheric mood and the reason behind Arno joining the assassins was refreshing (love & guilt, not the typical revenge, vengeance and hate type). Feeling so bad for Arno tho... his story was so depressing. He deserved the world. Not very likely going to happen but still hoping for another game with him as the protagonist

I just can‘t reconcile with the fact that it‘s the most hated game out of the franchise. It‘s easily my favourite next to AC 2 now. Also played origins and it just didn‘t feel like AC anymore


Just finished the last mission for AC: Unity.

I’ve definitely got mixed feelings about this particular game. On one hand, I love the fluidity of movement both in freerunning and in assassinations. Combat was a bit of a mixed bag: I get that it’s supposed to be a bit more challenging than previous games (though that was a guilty pleasure of mine), but I think it was a bit overboard by making the combat both more difficult, and by having a fuck ton of enemies at every turn.

Also, what exactly was the plot? I’m still at a loss...

But this means I have only one game left in my AC library: Syndicate (unless I ever desire to play Rouge)