Playing AC3 for the first time and I have QUESTIONS

Just made it to sequence 6.

- How is it that I have read a LOT of assassins creed fanfiction and somehow it never came up that you play as Haytham fucking Kenway for the first 4 1/2 hours?????

- why isn’t there more Connor fanfiction.

- Connor is a cinnamon roll.

- Connor is both the most interesting and the most Boring. Honestly don’t know if I love or hate him at this point.

- I just went hunting for 2 HOURS only to make 1000 dollars WTF no one told me not to use a gun

- Connor really grew into his voice

- the English with no accent is really weird?

- tree climbing is growing on me


Good morning, a short best of from my last Assassins Creed Valhalla livestream 🎮

At the location around Ledecestrescire we had a really big adventure 😅 A example was i would just climp to a tower and loot a treasure. This enemy there was in a rage mode i think... Even so the legendary warrior "Redwalda" had some problems with us. Enjoy the clip, cheers ShepardChris 😁

Ps.: Today i will streaming the next part, im going live around 7PM GMT +1


Blood all the Sweeter

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by Anonymous

Ivarr's idea of foreplay is violence and more violence.

Words: 1477, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Anonymous asked:

There's a person on here who likes Odyssey more than Valhalla and one of their main points is because Kassandra has abs and is more muscular than Eivor, therefore she is the better character. And they're trying to bring in logic in because she's a viking she should be just as muscular, and the rest of their points it's clear they don't like Valhalla because it's an Assassin's Creed game with AC stuff in it and want more Odyssey crap.

I mean I personally look for more in a character than "abs" but whatever floats your boat. It's a shallow thing to look for in a character, but whatever.

Tbh I thought Eivor was incredibly muscular. In fact I think shes larger than Kassandra so idk where this comes from??? And people do know how shit Viking diets probably were right? Eivor isnt a body builder shes a warrior so yeah she'll have some muscles but shes still a woman so she wont have a man's body and SHES VERY TALL. moreover, Eivor isnt really adhering to the whole hourglass figure the media is pushing on women. Her body type is very realistic??? I dont??? Why is there criticism??? If anything maybe Kassandra's is a little unrealistic???

And yeah, that does annoy me lmao. Because sometimes Odyssey players claim AC fans are bullying them when we say we wish Assassins Creed Odyssey had some....ya know, assassins creed in it. But that's not the case? If you enjoyed Odyssey that's fine but it means you enjoyed it as a Greek RPG simulator. Not an AC game because theres no AC elements to it, and what little THERE IS is utterly wrecked and disrespected.

You cant say "I love this as an ac game" because theres simply no ac features, systems or mechanics.

It's fine as an RPG game (arguably) but it's a shit assassins creed game.

It mainly annoys me too because it's this half of the random that just...dont care. They just want RPG and no Assassins Creed and Ubisoft loves that and it justifies them making shit games because people with no good taste will buy it.