Can you do Jacob and "When you laugh like that, it just - you're so beautiful, you know that?" please? I need some soft Jacob.


“You’re being rather odd, Jacob Frye.”

He wasn’t expecting that reaction to bringing you here and it makes him spin around in surprise, pretending to be slightly offended. His hand rests on his chest and his expression is a shocked look.

“I am taking the love of my life on a lovely evening to dinner, a dance and maybe to get drunk and you’re telling me I’m being. . . odd?” The man chuckles. “You wound me, love.”

Sighing you begin trying to catch up with him as he walks ahead. Immediately as you get beside him Jacob holds your hand tightly.

“You’re not the type for ‘dates’,” you chuckle, patting his arm gently, “never have been. You can’t sit still long enough for something like that.”

“True.” The man copies your laugh. “But I wanted to do something special for you; felt like you needed the pampering.”

Sighing, you smile warmly and walk along with him down the crowded street. 

“If you say so.”


You didn’t think it was ever possible, but here you were with Jacob Frye in the middle of the dance floor.  A few drinks are involved -- more in him than in you --  and it doesn’t take long for him all close to you; with a hand on your waist and pulling you closer, to the other gently resting on your face as you sway back and forth, even like this it was hard to pull away from him. Jacob stares at you with a loving smile.

“You’ve been awfully quiet,” you comment. It’s somewhat hard to hear over the music playing on stage. Somehow Jacob heard you.

“I’m enjoying the view.” He flashes you a pearly smile as he speaks, making it hard to look at him. Despite his profession he was rather soft for a man of his stature, especially when it came to you.

The music continues to play and Jacob still looks over your features, his own soft and smile warm. It beings to make you blush and feel warmer, more than the alcohol had made you; pretty soon you become too shy to even look at him and begin to awkwardly laugh, leaning your head against his chest. You rest there a moment and look back up at him; he’s still smiling at you.

“What?” you giggle. One of his hands comes up to caress your cheek gently, and he sighs contently.

His eyes are still on you, for a moment, before he finally speaks, breaking the silence. 

“When you laugh like that, it just. . .” Jacob chuckles softly and pauses, “you're so beautiful, you know that?"

Your small laughs immediately ceases as the butterflies in your stomach force you to look at his chest while your cheeks and ears burn. You try to wave it off as you’ve had alcohol, but even that didn’t make you as warm and giddy as Jacob just did.

“Something wrong love?” he teases, chuckling at you as he plants a kiss to the top of your head. You squirm in his grasp, burying your face in his chest still. “Weren’t expecting that out of a drunk man’s mouth, now were you?”

Your head shakes now and now you’re beginning to chuckle again.

“No,” you smile, looking up at him, “I wasn’t.”

With another kiss, this time on your lips, Jacob pulls you even closer and rests his chin on your head, both of you gently swaying back and forth. It continued like this for a while, just being comfortable in each other’s presence. 

Before you knew it, you and Jacob were retreating back home and sticking as close to each other as possible.