Kalta the Blizzard, Leader of the Clan of Storms

A righteous man of Nomadic origin, Kalta the Blizzard is a man of many names-- wielder of the White Hand, husband of Oorok Ironfist, leader of the Clan of Storms. But once, he was simply an unwanted bastard child of the Mountain Clan. 
He now heads the notorious Clan of Storms, a family of mercenaries bound by loyalty over blood. Even though his clan is known for being the youngest and least conventional Nomadic family, Kalta is the vision of the traditional, quintessential Nomad– strict but loving, patient but firm, strong but compassionate. Despite all his regality and control, his temper gets the better of him more often than not, hinting at his younger, more rebellious days. He’s a fearsome fighter and master of mounted archery, and is known for casting blinding snow storms.
Kalta shares his life with his loving Ogre partner and four adopted children

Kalta has been in painting hell since last year or longer. 2020 really took a toll on me creatively, but thank you everyone who has supported me! I’ve been dying to update his design and I’m really digging it now. I felt like the old one was missing something, but daddy’s back and better than ever baby 😭