My Tamagotchi Forever Update 6.7.0 Brings Back Hide and Seek Mini Game

Gone are the Easter decorations and back is the hide and seek mini game! The My Tamagotchi Forever app has just received an update that brings back the hide and seek mini game which utilizes augmented reality. If you’ve been a long time user of the application then you know this feature very well. It looks like the feature has been improved in this version. The update also improves the tutorial of the game for new players. Lastly the release notes tease the next update which will include a new event! Any idea what event is next?


Accepted! Iida Tenya

Character name: Iida Tenya

Why do you want to play them?: A'ight, so like. I love the earnest, nerdy but also really strong and set characters for the most part, but I didn’t really fall in love with Iida until the Hero Killer fight, when we see him react in a, frankly, realistic way to a tragedy. Ever since then, he rocketed up to one of my favorite Smart Bois In Anime™, and I can’t imagine not loving him.

What is your quirk?:

Engine; a mutant quirk that manifests through the Iida family line. In Tenya, specifically, it manifests in the calves of his legs, with six mufflers extending from the rear of each leg. Activating the engines causes his body to enter a state of super speed. His legs are fueled by orange juice.

What powers and limitations do you have:

Aside from the named “Super Moves,” which will be listed below, his quirk is such that it affects his entire body when active. It has to adjust the rest of his body to compensate for the increased speed, such as increasing muscle density while his power is in use or else he’ll tear a hamstring every time he runs. It also adjusts his perception to match, allowing him to perceive and react to stimuli faster than when he’s not using his powers.

This does, however, come with some drawbacks. Since the power affects the musculature of his full body, it can put strain on muscles that aren’t normally exercised and cause strains and sprains in odd places.

Another issue is that his diet is fairly strict, as certain products can cause complications with his engines and their fuel lines. In particular, drinks with a lot of particulates can really clog up the works. To avoid this, he drinks only pulp-free orange juice unless he has literally no other option.

Extended use of his powers can cause him to overheat, and place immense strain on his entire body as his muscles seize and try to compensate while his engines need to cool before they can be used again.

Engine Boost: A relatively minor boost in speed, and the most basic form of Engine’s expression. This can be used with little to no stress on his body.

Recipro Burst: The first technique in the family of Recipro, the express use of his quirk. Recipro Burst is as it name implies, a straight-forward burst of speed, a flash in the pan. It’s a short-use technique mostly designed to give him an edge by sudden, staggering changes in speed.

Recipro Extend: A technique which utilizes the same speed as Recipro Burst, but in a constant state, allowing him to zip to and fro with incredible speed and precision. However, this taxes his engines much more drastically than Burst or Engine Boost.

Recipro Turbo: The current ultimate expression of his powers, Recipro Turbo is one he’s struggled with. It shoots his speed to stratospheric heights, beyond even the upper limits of the previous Ingenium. The largest issues with this power, however, are time and control. The time he can last in this ability is a ten minute maximum, and it takes about three for his body to fully catch up to the drastic increase in speed, so he has trouble for a while with cornering, and the strain it puts on his body, if used incorrectly, could lead to serious sprains or even bone fractures.

Describe the character’s personality:

Tenya is a bit of a serious young man, bookish and a bit socially inept. He is earnest, through and through, trying to live his best and also trying to make sure those around him also live to their potential. However, he’s not nearly as authoritarian about rules and order as it would seem at first glance, often willing to ignore what is “correct” in order to do what is “right.” He’s also been known to be fond of dad jokes as he’s gotten older, and you can always tell one’s coming if you ever catch him adjusting his glasses lower on his nose so he can push them back up before delivery.

Preferred ships (if any): I prefer to let the chips fall where they may shipping-wise.

What do you think about UA University’s Villain Rehabilitation Program:

“Idealistically, I view it as a net positive. There are many villains that are villains due more to mental illness or, in some cases, a true desire to inflict pain or suffering. That said, I believe the majority of them are truly in need of proper support and resources in order to turn from the dark paths which they walk. Realistically, I think this may be like applying a band-aid to a stab wound. It’s a nice thought, but it may simply be too little, too late for some of the people out there, unfortunately.”

RP Sample (in character):

Solitude, his armor. A suit he’d worn for more of his life than he’d like to admit. Even when the two heirs of Iida were whole and undamaged, his family was less important then the family. So he learned to hoard what was his, to wear it as the plate that would deflect the slings and arrows of the world. For so long, his whole existence had validated this stance, and he thought he knew how the world worked. So, logically, he would don it.

Pride, his weapon. His pride as Iida drove all he did, all he *could* do. And thus, the influence that his family gave him, he wielded as a blade, such that Grasscutter would be awed by all which it felled. Truly, no sword was ever meant to protect. It was all a weapon, and it was meant to harm. So, logically, he would wield it.

To cast it all away seemed folly, so what was it that drew tears to the man’s cheeks as he sat in the peace of a silent garden?

It was as if the world was painted to him in oils, bright and vivid color, but shapes were muddied, malleable. The stones beneath him were steel blue, shifting with the winds. The skies, a verdant green that rolled with each moment, and the walls were a warm brown, bowing toward him as if to provide shelter even here in the elements. It all came together with the trees, flowers and more to enhance the beauty of this world in a way no photo could ever convey.

And yet, in this artist’s masterpiece, the center was a harsh contrast. Jagged, made of stone and jet black. It sat in the shape of a man. Content, but desirous. Penitent, yet fearful. It took Iida several moments to even recognize the figure as himself. Had he truly let himself become so warped? Was there any way through this carapace of obsidian that hid him away from the world?

As he reached out, he found himself unable to lay hand on the visage that haunted his mind’s eye. It was as though everything he did was through a lens of cracked glass, as though he were swimming through the world’s densest mire. He could feel his will eroding, and no amount of struggling brought him any closer. He began to fall away- to diminish. Everything was getting larger as he, himself, felt his presence become smaller, reflecting more truthfully how he saw himself.

He now found himself at the foot of a towering behemoth of jagged stone, but he could finally grasp it. It felt as though the skin had been flayed from his hand as he did so, but his cries were silent, swallowed by the world. Hand over hand, he began to climb, swearing off the pain. This was nothing, a test of strength, and that, he had in spades. As his thoughts turned to this, he watched as the wall before him heightened even further, and he began to curse.

He kept climbing, wincing at the gouts of blood left in his wake, his clothes, his body, becoming torn and tainted. He would not be beaten by this. His pride would not allow it. He, alone, would have to face this challenge, to face himself, in order to keep himself. And once more, the wall grew, more staggering this time, and he felt his will crumble. He released the wall, but he did not land on the stone.

He was in the palm of a hand. It was worn, scarred and calloused. It was soon joined by another, and another, all of various shapes and sizes. All varying degrees of damaged. As he picked himself up, he reached for the first hand, which looked identical to the one he stood in. Midoriya. And as he stepped into it’s palm, the words came.

“We forgive you.”

The next hands were softer, a bit more round. He’d had the distinct feeling he’d held these hands before, that they had soothed him. The fingers were curled, and on the fingertips were soft pads. Uraraka. Similarly to Midoriya, a message game unbidden to his mind.

“We love you.”

He continued up this chain, messages of love and acceptance flooding through him, and he felt the weights begin to face. The burden of purpose, of strength, was lifted from his shoulders. The weight of his armor, his solitude, stripped away because it was no longer needed. The pride with which he’d struck down his foes fell from his waist, discarded. He was clothed, supported and held up by others. Not by himself, no longer.

He was the statue. Gathered around him were those who he had come to know since everything had gone to hell. All moving, all advancing, and yet he, solely, was rooted in place. Their light began to warm the stone that trapped him, and he saw their hands lay upon it’s face. Their warmth could reach him, but he knew it would be his task to shake. A soft blue began to grow within the stone, the facade beginning to crack and crumble. One of his shoulders was freed, and he smashed the stone on his arm against the ground, letting the oils overtake him, imbue him with color. He grasped at his body, tearing away at the jagged stone, revealing more of that vibrant blue underneath. Finally, the light overtook his face and the stone shattered completely.

It was as though he’d physically been struck. Tenya lay in the courtyard, no longer in the palace of his mind, but in the world he shared with others. Tears were openly streaming down his face, and he wasn’t sure where his glasses ended up, but none of that was any concern. He grabbed a fistful of grass, and lifted a stone in the other. And he could merely marvel at the colors that had finally broken into his world.

Colors he wished to share.

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Digimon Vital Bracelet App Highly Anticipated Online Battle Feature Delayed!

A highly anticipated, and earlier teased feature for the Digimon Vital Bracelet application has been delayed. Bandai Japan has made the official announcement via its official Digimon Web Twitter account, and the Digimon Vital Bracelet website. It has been announced the update for the Vital Bracelet app has been delayed for quality improvement. As a reminder, this feature was originally scheduled to be released in late April, but now has been bumped out to mid-May.

Bandai Japan apologizes to customers who were looking forward to this update, but sweetens the deal. When the online battle feature is released, you’ll receive 5 “Vital Up Code 500 Plus” items. Bandai Japan encourages patience as they continue to provide you with a better application experience.

Pinch Hitter Contributor Application

We're looking for artist pinch hitters for the After Curfew menu!  

-18+ only 

-SFW, but the drinks contain alcohol 

-You will be working off of an existing concept/fic, and need to be able to communicate with a team 

-Closes April 30th