i cringe every time I watch the Seirin team interact with women who are not Riko, like bro i’m not sure if a group of dudes who tried to peep at girls and couldn’t keep it in their pants when a girl wore slightly tight clothing had any right to lecture Kagami about why “making girls cry” is a crime

we’ll be okay

pairing: aomomo fandom: kuroko no basuke genre: hurt/comfort. can be read as romantic or platonic--definitely big hints of a future romance but this is mostly just friendship with a sprinkling of ~true love~ setting: coffeeshop au, non-basketball au, childhood friends any tw: slight mentions of drug abuse, sex and alcohol abuse. it’s a line or two, not more than that and no explicit stuff dedication: @xoxomyseriesxoxo​ !!! HAPPY CHRISTMAS ELENAAA!! we don’t really know each other, but i think you’re amazing. i know this gift is suuuper late, i’m so so sorry about that! i really enjoyed writing it though, and i hope you enjoy reading it too. have a blessed holiday season and a wonderful year ahead. you deserve it and more!!


I got myself a cute Aomomo doujinshi and wanted to share a few pics of it with you.

EDIT: This doujinshi is called センチメンタルピリオド Senchimentarupiriodo = Sentimental period and it has two artists: Tsetseg and BSW also known as BadSheep. The above art is from BSW. You can buy it from Otaku Republic with a free international shipping.

Also Victor, you know what time it is... Title Ask time!!!!

"I still love you madly with your every move"



title: I still love you madly with your every move 

synopsis: He-

He fucked up.

Somewhere along the way, the insults got too much, the carelessness was a lot to handle, and the wall he’d tried so desperately to put up between himself and the person who knew him best, stayed. Aomine lost the only person who was ever willing to care for him, and it was his own damn fault. He should’ve known better, should’ve taken Momoi’s feelings into consideration before turning to brooding and getting stuck in his very own swamp of self-loathing, setting up camp there and claiming he’s better off alone anyway.

It’s been twelve years, and Satsuki has since moved on. Sitting on the front row of her wedding, Aomine realizes that he has not, but he’s not about to shit on her happiness - the least he can do for her is to respect her decision and wish her the best. But he won’t give up a last chance for a dance, either. He can be selfish, just for this song: hold her flush against his chest, inhale the sweet strawberry scent from her hair, and pretend that her soft sobs aren’t almost a comfort.