okay you know how I’m constantly theorizing abt mental health shit and trying to find coping work-arounds?  here’s a new one

1. I can’t form habits unless I feel good about taking little steps BUT, 2. I feel inadequate if I can’t do Everything All At Once, Perfectly, so if I have to take a break during one plank pose during my yoga, I am Bad and Didn’t Do Anything, AND, 3. Just trying to make myself vaguely “feel good” has had paltry results so far, UNTIL:

4. I started thinking of myself as a golden retriever that had done a trick

I mean think about it,,, early on in training, if your dog only rolls halfway over do you only give them half the praise??  NO.  There is much petting and ruffling of ears and cooing.  YOU KINDA ROLLED OVER!!  GOOD JOB, WOW WHAT A GOOD JOB, TEN OUT OF TEN WHAT AN EXCELLENT CHILD!!!  Ruffle the ears of ur soul and shout happy babytalk at it.  It’s trying its best and you deserve it.

Quick Self-Care/Relaxation Tricks

1) Are you breathing shallowly? Breathe slow and deep (try a count of four seconds in, six seconds out) three times in a row to lower your stress hormones, coax your body out of fight-or-flight, and think more clearly

2) Unclench your teeth and relax your jaw

3) Widen your angle of view to use your peripheral vision! Tunnel vision/only taking in what's right in front of you tells your body that there's a predator or imminent danger, and most of us spend all day like that. Widening your awareness as often as possible to what's on either side of your direct focus is grounding and relaxing

4) Are your shoulders hunched? Is your head jutting forward on your neck? Correct your posture any time you think about it - better sometimes than not at all, right?

5) Are you still breathing slow, or had you gone back to shallow breaths already? I had!

Calm breathing and peripheral vision, you got this! I believe in you! <3 <3 <3

Things to distract yourself when having a panic attack in public

Here are some things to think about and get your mind off of something when having a panic or anxiety attack:

• if your in a crowded area look down at other people’s shoes. What colour are they? What brand? Do you like them? Are they similar to yours?

• look around at other people. What are they wearing? What does their hair look like? Are they holding something?

• trace the creases on your hand. What shapes do they make? What do you like about your hand?

• think about something you like. It could be sports, flowers, every day activities, art, tv shows, movies, anything that makes you happy!

• think about someone. Your friends, family, actors, bands, online friends. Anyone that makes you feel happy or safe!

• take deep breaths. Breathe in for 7 seconds, hold it for 6 seconds, breathe out for 8 seconds all through your nose. Try to clear your mind while you do it.

All these things might help distract yourself from something your anxious about. Hope this helped, have a nice day!!

Confused about what the hell these questions are on ballots? Don't understand the weird wording? Have no idea who tf is running for obscure, small offices in local areas? Dying of anxiety because you're terrified that you'll vote wrong and doom yourself further?


Check out BallotReady.org!

Sabi and I just ran through our entire ballot, had everything explained clearly (with links to sources), let us select our answers and even compiled it into an email for easy viewing at the booth.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Get your ass to this site, get your shit together and let's fix this bullshit. 💪

Application Resources for Mental Health

This is a list of the apps my college has listed on their website linked to their counseling services. There is no shame in finding more resources and I know as a community we are always trying to help one another so I figured since my school listed these that I might as well share them. 

I have been pleasantly surprised by my school so many times because of how progressive it is given that I live in the deep south. For instance, my school offers counseling to those who are questioning their gender and provides options and healthcare to transgender peoples who are thinking about starting hormones. They have so many resources and seeing how in depth they go to try and help as many people as possible I trust them to suggest good options.

Some songs to help you if you’re feeling down // pt.2

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4

If you need to cry:

If you need some comfort:

If you need some quiet for a moment:

If you’re feeling nostalgic:

  • This is my favorite song. It’s good to listen to sort of loud. Just tune everything else out
  • Listen to this one. It reminds me of what it was like to be 6, and it never fails to warm my heart and make me smile
  • This one too. (If you’re feeling a bit resentful about no longer being young.)

If you need to remember where you belong:

If you’re feeling angry:

If you need a confidence boost:

Do you just need a light-feeling song?:

Weird feelings that have to do with love?:

♥ I hope you feel better soon, but for now, it’s okay if you want to cry, or scream, or close your eyes and shut out the world. Everyone has rough days. Take your time. Breathe. Listen. ♥

Things that help me cope with anxiety

  • Hot baths
  • Steamy tea or cocoa
  • Cuddling cats
  • Watching Disney movies
  • Listening to Harry Potter audiobooks
  • Falling asleep to calming music or ambient noise ASMR
  • Curling up in warm, fluffy blankets
  • Drawing pretty girls and boys in a sketchbook
  • Coloring books!!
  • Being open and expressing my worries to good friends and close family, who reassure and comfort me.
  • Playing Animal Crossing

Good evening, fantasticoes! I know that a lot of people are having problems with anxiety lately, so I wanted to make something to soothe people. Listening to piano music always calms me down, and I hope it does the same for you! Listen on a low volume in a comfortable position, and remember to take deep breaths. and, as always, if any of you ever need to talk, I'm here for you. :) sending hugs to all of you wonderful people!