Okay, okay. I know WoW dwarves don’t have beards, but.... c’mon! 

Look at her!

This Anve Shorthammer, an NPC in one of Threska’s stories. I really wanted to see if I could make a female with a beard and I can! Anve is a blacksmith and was staying on Fenris Isle during the Battle for Lordaeron when she fled with my Worgen and eventually encountered Threska.

If I finish her, I might just bring her into my endless rotation of alts I never play but hold onto anyway. :3

Anyway, have a great night!

Anve Shorthammer is my original character based on World of Warcraft and belongs to me.

You may reblog this post, but do not claim the work as your own, alter, or otherwise distribute this art without written permission from me.