I was wondering if you had any suggestions on good anime shows. I just finished the whole season of Yuri on ice today and I want to watch more.


I am so picky with anime you have no idea like.. I barely watch enough to recommend stuff to others. I read manga like a loser without a job (I am a loser without a job) but anime just... that’s hard. I love Yuri!!! on Ice. It was something I hadn’t seen before and just... tbh it made me fall in love with Figure Skating and I love the sport more than the anime lol. But as far as I can say there is nothing else truly like YoI out there. And absolutely nothing that I’ve seen!

I will just list a few of my favourites and then you can check them out further? Sounds good? Good! 

Ookiku Furikabutte - A baseball anime about a team consisting of only High School first years. A show with so many amazing character and it made me really interested in baseball. The special connection between the pitcher, Mihashi, and the catcher, Abe, takes center stage. 

Haikyuu!! - A volleyboll anime. About Karusuno, the fallen rivals, who are making their way back up on top. The animation is AMAZING and the characters are all so lovely and every second of it is a joy. 

Mob Psycho 100 - It took me like ten seconds to fall in love with this one! The animation is beyond and the characters are all lovely! Their motivations, their flaws... everything! It’s about a boy with psychic powers. That’s... all I can say to explain it. Really. But it’s amazingly good!!

Tsuritama - I never thought I’d like an anime about fishing, but this is adorable and interesting with great animation! The fluffy feeling is so nice and it warms my heart. 

Samurai Flamenco - It’s hard to describe this without spoiling it. Masayoshi wants to be a hero (think a power ranger lol) and gets help from his first friend, a police officer. The whole anime is like a staircase, it keeps upping the game and you have no idea what is to come next. It may take like 3-5 episodes to fully grasp what makes it good (my favorite moment is in ep7). 

Doukyuusei - This is my fav anime movie. It’s so beautiful and based on  one of my fav manga. Two boys, classmates, starts practicing singing together and that is the start of something good. 

Evangelion - Okay tbh, I haven’t watched the original series since I was like 14 and I barely remember it as a whole but it’s a classic and it’s still a masterpiece, beloved today. Or at least watch the new movies. It’s about a 14 year old boy who gets the destiny of the whole world put on his shoulders and has no one to rely on. And lots of mecha robots and action.

Also thank you for asking, but I’m just gonna guess you’re already on your way to ask some other blog. Someone who is more diverse in their anime watching than me lol.