I’ve been catching bits of Drrr fans theorizing headcanons about Izaya on my feed and it’s been making me a bit twitchy.

I don’t understand why so many fans want Izaya to be broken, hurting, suffering. He’s not inherently broken in the stories. Flawed, yes. Morally gray? Absolutely. But he’s not bipolar. He’s not a psychopath or a sociopath. He’s not depressed or suicidal. I would argue that he has a god-complex but that’s really not unusual in highly intelligent people. He’s clever. He’s highly intelligent. He suppresses his emotions and relies on rational thinking. He understands people and emotions better than most. He’s a social chameleon with a manipulative personality. He’s selfish. He makes human mistakes. 

I don’t understand why this isn’t enough. He’s a marvelously developed character with many facets to him. He doesn’t need to be crazy to be interesting. If anything, I think explaining away his seemingly odd behaviour (from a sheeple perspective) as a psychoses lessens him and makes me feel that people really don’t understand Izaya. To be honest, I guess I wouldn’t be that surprised if people had trouble understanding Izaya. 

Izaya is not incapable of emotion. He shows emotion time and again throughout the story. He is not incapable of empathy, he simply chooses not to indulge in it. Izaya was an emotionally neglected child and yes, that has molded his nature but he’s not depressed. He is, I think, lonely but not so much so that it would make him depressed and definitely not suicidal because he chose to be this way. Izaya is a charming motherfucker when he wants to be. He could have friends if he wanted them. He could have lovers. But he is inherently afraid to risk his heart. Shinra even says it. He’s too afraid of getting hurt by people to let them get close to him. This dichotomy of wanting affection yet also being afraid of it is a far deeper, far more real characteristic than ‘Izaya has no friends, he’s lonely, therefore he’s depressed and suidical’. 

I get the feeling that people need to explain away Izaya’s moral grayness through the use of mental illness. It’s easier to accept that Izaya does very not nice things to people on a regular basis because he’s ‘sick’ than to accept that Izaya is human and humans can be morally gray people. Perfectly sound of mind people can do bad things to each other. It happens everyday. It’s shitty but it’s part of human nature and honestly, DRRR is all about exploring human choices - good and bad. He also starts worming his way into the underworld at the age of 16 by selling people’s secrets. So of course his morals are going to be off. The most significant male role model he had as a teen was Kine for fucks sake... (Sorry Kine. I love you. But introducing Izaya to the Awakusu was not necessarily the best thing for the brat...) You don’t have to be mentally ill to live by a different set of ethics than others. 

Izaya’s fights with Shizuo being subliminal suicide are far from canon and devalues the actual relationship between them. Especially when talking about their last fight. Izaya goes into that fight knowing that he might die but he doesn’t want to. It’s just that the value of the point he was trying to make is worth more to him in that moment than his life. This isn’t suicidal. If he was risking his life to save the city, he’d be lauded as a hero but because his motivation is twisted, he’s painted as suicidal...? Setting aside the final fight, Izaya’s relationship with Shizuo in high school, their fights, and frenemy behaviours don’t imply any kind of suicidal urges. Izaya fights Shizuo because Shizuo (without being aware of it) pushes him to become a stronger person. He is absolutely fascinated by Shizuo and also challenged by him and the thing about Izaya is... There’s really not a lot that challenges him. After high school though - and this is something that is not explicitly clear in the anime unfortunately - Izaya doesn’t go chasing after Shizuo all the time. He’s really not running around Ikebukuro every other day looking for Shizuo and when he is getting into fights with Shizuo, he is holding his own.

It’s not that I don’t understand the idea of wanting characters to go through struggles in stories. Characters who don’t struggle aren’t interesting or relateable. But I seriously feel that pushing mental illness on a character, putting a character through excessive torment, tearing them down, it’s just misery porn and I just can’t get behind that. Yeah, Izaya’s not a hero-character. That doesn’t mean he deserves to be reduced to a broken shell of a person. That just doesn’t sound like a fun story to tell (or read) to me. I mean, to each their own and there are plenty of fic writers out there who write this kind of misery porn about Izaya but I’d rather give him human stories where he makes human decisions and faces human consequences - not just bad ones, good ones too. After all, one of the reasons DRRR was such a great story was because everyone made good and bad decisions. Everyone was so very human and the world was full of good and bad things. 

For this scene, the staff wanted to find a stuntman to replace Luhan. However, he refused by saying "The stuntman who replaces me is also a human, he will feel pain too.". In the end, he got hurt but kept insisting he's fine so he wouldn't worry the staff. If that doesn't make you realise how much of an amazing person Luhan is, I don't know what will.
Star Trek: New Visions #20

Suddenly finding themselves on a seemingly empty ship, Kirk and Spock immediately try to get answers. McCoy starts yelling at the air that this is not very damn funny.

And that is like, classic McCoy. Whenever some wild unexpected shit happens, Kirk is like “How do I fix this?” and Spock is all “Hmm, fascinating, I must learn more” but McCoy just goes “I don’t have time for this bullshit, cut it out!” which is why he is my favourite