The Howard Hughes Suite - Smoke from a Future Fire - steel guitar & electronics conjure up the wide open spaces of the American West... from South West England (Slow Music Movement)

The Howard Hughes Suite is a modern-day cosmic cowboy. He stoically keeps a low profile and hunkers down in his home studio in the South West of England with his faithful instruments, away from the noise of crowded gig venues or the idle chatter between takes during session work, once his mainstay. From this isolated musical outpost he surveys Americana landscapes with a reassuringly classic, but distinctly widescreen, psychedelic pioneering spirit. On Smoke from a Future Fire, over the course of several seasons, solitary but not lonesome, surrounded by his trusty instruments, The Howard Hughes Suite had no particular place to go. Feeling restless he saddled up his digital workstation, unholstered his pedal steel and ambled beyond the acoustic flatlands, through cinematic ravines & across electronic streams just to see what was out there. Whilst roaming he flashed back to the pylon-free, buffalo-rich plains of Western lore, but also had visions to a future of rusting pickup trucks slowly succumbing to time and nature, which had long since adapted to the man-made climatic change that finally rid earth of its most disruptive species. Through sun-pinned eyes he looked beyond the dust to see the majesty of the southern deserts. Rising out of his saddle he looked over snow-capped distant mountain ranges to gaze at the tiniest creatures and smallest stones. He looked around and saw what was, what is and what could be. He saw no horrors, just the mind-blowing Interconnectedness of all things. Neither happy nor sad, but just content with being, he hit stop on the tape machine and decided to share his thoughts. About The Howard Hughes Suite: The Howard Hughes Suite grew up in a musical household and needed no encouragement to teach himself several musical instruments. With a drummer as a father, a love for the guitar greats, a fascination with the electronic pioneers, a history of playing live, years spent as a session musician, a love of the visual arts though photography and experience with soundtrack work, it was only a matter of time before all these musical ley lines converged into the rather special musical project you have before you.
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Peter Seeger (May 3, 1919 – January 27, 2014)   was a singer and social activist.  I  heard the lead singer of a band  I was into mention his name before a song he played. I   really had no prior knowledge of Seeger but I heard his name tossed around here and there. I  heard and knew the songs, “ Where Have All The Flowers Gone?”  and the songs"If I Had A Hammer(The Hammer Song) and Turn! Turn! Turn! I thought of the song If I Had A Hammer(The Hammer Song) by Sharon Lois and Bram number. Seeger was a big part of nationwide radio in the 1940s. in the 1950s became a member of the Weavers, he had a number of hit records, and they topped the charts for 13 weeks. Seeger was a vibrant activist so, during the McCarthy era he and other members of the group were blacklisted( along with other artists) so they stayed out of the public eye. In the 1960’s he resurfaced in the public scene as one of the main figures as protest music in support areas such as civil rights, counterculture, environmental causes, and international disarmament. As a songwriter, Seeger is best known for the songs. He is one of the folk singers that help popularize and change the gospel song,” We shall overcome” to “ We will overcome.“  He would often encourage the audience to sing along with him. Seeger played at 2013’s Lived Aid and was excited to perform at President Obama’s 2009 inauguration. Seeger fought and sang for civil rights until very old age.  I can imagine if he was still alive he would have been out there taking part in one of the civil protests last year. He plays a major part in American music.

Vogue on Ralph Lauren

Kathleen Baird-Murray

Harry N. Abrams, Inc., New York 2015,  Hardcover, 160 pages, English,      ISBN: 9781419715891 

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Ralph Lauren’s designs vividly embody the American Dream, and he has risen to become one of the world’s foremost fashion designers. His genius lies in his innate skill for interpreting key cultural elements of Americana—whether from folk art or the preppy world of Hamptons’ socialites or Navajo motifs—and encapsulating them in appealing garments. Also a natural fit with Hollywood, he has designed costumes for films such as The Great Gatsby (1974) and Annie Hall and created countless looks for stars on the red carpet. From his ubiquitous, equestrian-tagged Polo shirts to his American-country-club take on upper-class Englishness, his skill in making aspiration accessible is second to none. Vogue on Ralph Lauren is a volume from the series created by the editors of British Vogue, featuring 20,000 words of original biography and history and studded with more than 80 images from their unique archive of photos taken by leading photographers including Bruce Weber, Patrick Demarchelier, and Mario Testino.


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